Whether Japanese cell phones have become too complex?

Jun 11, 2008

Japanese cell phones have been considered the most advanced for a long period of time. Their features seemed to be very remarkable. For example, Japanese enjoyed location tracking, mobile credit card payment and live TV. Americans could only dream about such functions.

But suddenly there appeared an opinion that the majority of these features are hard to use or not used at all. It was also said that the average person uses just about 10 percent of the features on his cell phone. According to the opinion of the Japanese, dozens of buttons and combinations are too complex to use.

If you are bored, kill your time trying different key combinations and you will definitely find new features.People care about the features of their cell phones very much. It seems that Japanese have overdone a little.

There is an obvious example of a Japanese cell phone. On the one hand, Panasonic P905i features a qualitative 3-inch TV, 3G, GPS, a 5.1-megapixel camera, etc. On the other hand, the motion sensors are very slow; there is also no TV signal in the subway, sometimes even above ground, but the sound disappears every few seconds.

Thus, the manufacturers are always trying to add as many newest functions as possible, because the potential users want the most modern high-tech devices. As a result, the gadget doesn't work as it should.

However, it is not clear if Japanese people would abandon their extraordinary gadgets for Apple's easy-to-use iPhone that will be available in Japan by the end of this year.


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