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Jun 03, 2008

Scan is kind of Android application that implements useful functions: it finds pricing and metadata for everything with the help of a barcode.

There are some features that make it notable. At first, it has automatic recognition that is based on the barcode and uses phone camera and ZXing library. According to this, it searches for any kind of data through a lot of stores, gives detailed reviews, links.

For example, it can find a copy of a book in local libraries, if there is any.

The main users' question is if it is easy to use Scan. All you have to do is to point a phone at a bare code and then scan. It will be necessary to get rather closely to the barcode. The retrieval for prices and metadata takes up to 15 seconds. Then, you will be given the information and also reviews from Amazon.com.

Here is an example of the Android scan. A list of the object's producers will be opened on the 'Sellers' tab. It varies starting from online stores and continues with local library.

Moreover, if it is a brick and mortar store, 'Directions' tab will display you driving directions from your current GPS location but 'Call' will give the possibility to call the store's local phone number. So, the same principle of work is used for any kind of item.

But it is just basic information of what Scan Android does.
The only thing you should have to use the Android Scan fully - is a qualitative camera, because it should provide enough barcode detail.

Nevertheless, the application is very handy and useful, and the demand about the camera is solvable.


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