Toshiba's laptops with cell-derived chips

Jun 26, 2008
Toshiba will present its Qosmio G50 and F40 laptops that feature the chip SpursEngine SE1000, which has four of the 'Synergistic Processing Elements' from the Cell Broadband Engine processor, in July in Japan.

The PlayStation 3 runs the Cell chip that has eight of the SPE cores and a Power PC main processor.

These SPE cores implement the heavy number-crunching, but we get an outstanding result - the console's graphics are excellent. The laptops' chip will perform its functions in the same way.

The gadgets' operating systems will run on an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, but the SpursEngine will be used to execute processor-intensive tasks, for example, processing of high-definition video. So, it means the laptop will be able to impress you more than any other gadget.

Thus, Toshiba assured that these two laptops will be able to upgrade standard-definition video to high definition; convert in real time digital TV to MPEG4 and burn video DVD much faster than other devices.

Face navigation is one more up-to-date laptops' feature. Faces that are shown in video are identified and appear as thumbnail images to have the possibility to create a visual index to the video.

Thanks to this feature, users are able to find the person or scene they need just by glancing at the thumbnails and then click on the necessary one to watch this part of the video. The gadget also divides up the scenes in user-shot video according to your desire. So, they can be watched one-by-one. For example, it is a great function in order to find the greatest moments in a sports event.

Thanks to built-in camera you may operate the video playback with hand gestures.
The Qosmio G50 is a multimedia gadget that features an 18.4-inch high-definition screen, a 500 GB hard-drive, NVidia GeForce 9600M graphics processor, dual digital TV tuners and wireless LAN including 802.11n.

The difference between the G50 and the F40 is not essential; the Qosmio F40 has a 15-inch screen and 250 GB hard-disk drive.

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