TOP 5 Wowee Robots

Feb 29, 2008
Number 5.

WowWee Robotic DragonFly

FlyTech Dragonfly is the world's first radio-controlled flying insect. With its' ultra-light, dual-wing design and ?high-flex?, crash-resistant structure, the dragonfly is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel.

Use the dragonfly indoors or outdoors, controlling its speed, direction and height with the 2 channel digital proportional remote. 2 channel digital proportional remote - Control wing speed and tail rotor speed; remote is also the charging base Two skill levels - Beginner and advanced.

Includes a tail stabilizer for additional control Available in 2 frequencies Wingspan - 16 inches (~40 cm) Power - Rechargeable lithium polymer battery Flight time - Up to 10 minutes on a single charge 6 x AA batteries

Number 4.

WowWee Roboraptor Robotic Dinosaur

Evidence that the robotic dinosaur revolution is spreading, this Roboraptor comes fully assembled and ready to roam the earth with his robotic dinosaur cousins. He has movable arms, a swiveling head, a sweeping tail, and a chomping jaw full of pointy teeth.

Measuring 32 inches from nose to tail, the Roboraptor is a big enough to intimidate any smaller predator that may come along. While this raptor hasnt yet developed his full hunting skills, hes still a lot of fun and comes with over 40 preprogrammed functions, three distinct moods, and the ability to detect things in its path with infrared vision. He also comes equipped with automatic shutoff and a demo mode. Roboraptor is steady on his feet, but works best on smooth, hard surfaces.

Number 3.

WowWee Roboreptile Robotic Reptile

Wowwee's Roboreptile is an often startling robotic toy that, once you get the hang of its wonky controls, is actually pretty fun. Like other Wowwee robots, there's a preprogrammed animation that goes off when it is first powered up.

It's impressive: growling, snapping jaws and a whipping tail. In short, Roboreptile looks like something out of the future and moves like something out of the past. The Roboreptile has infrared "vision" sensors where its eyes would be and stereo "hearing" sensors on the sides of its face. Its sounds, though a bit tinny, are menacing.

During a tail swipe, it lets out a sort of Eagle cry, harkening back to the shared avian/reptile ancestry. Roboreptile is an advanced fusion of technology and individuality. Watch as he stalks his ball with a homing beacon, or breaks into a sprint, rising from four legs up to two.

He explores his environment, using advanced artifical intelligence, and moves around with realistic biomorphic motions and a cool tail-whipping action. Requires 9 AA batteries

Number 2.

WowWee Robosapien RS Media

If you're looking to delve a little deeper into the world of robotics, but don't exactly have the time or soldering skills to build your own, you'll be glad to know that you'll be able to hack away at your lovable Robosapien RS Media using Lego's Mindstorm NXT system.

Thanks to Robosapien designer Mark Tilden's affinity for Lego, the Mindstorm brain fits perfectly into the bot's backpack, allowing you to program a host of new movements into its already robust and customizable repertoire.

We suggest you start with something easy like dancing then move your way up to teaching your Robo to destroy the evil imposter, Robone. The source link goes on to mention a few other interesting projects being worked on at Wowwee headquarters, including a four-foot, Segway wheel toting Robosapien model with voice technology and an internet connection, as well as a robotic spider and dragonfly.

It all sounds very exciting to us, and we, for one, would like to welcome our new robot overlords (beat you to it).

Number 1.

WowWee Robotics RoboPanda

This adorable robotic panda is a fun-loving friend who likes to tell stories, play games and sing songs. Robopanda's engaging personality and bright animated eyes will immediately endear him to children of all ages.

There's no need for a remote control -- you can interact with Robopanda directly through his integrated audio and touch sensors. Using capacitive touch sensor technology, he knows when he is being patted, touched, or stroked and responds accordingly; his audio sensor allows him to hear sounds for game play and other interactions.

At the touch of a switch, you can set him into one of three play modes: in Training Mode he will teach you how to play with him; in Friend Mode he will engage you in conversation and amuse you with jokes; in Menu Mode, you can use his sensors to navigate through his menus, review and select from among his many stories, interactive games and songs. When Robopanda tells stories, he invites you to make decisions that will determine the outcome of the story.

Equipped with an internal dual-axis accelerometer and tilt sensors, Robopanda knows when you pick him up or carry him somewhere, and he's going to let you know how he feels about it! And, he can even switch from sitting to crawling position, crawl on all fours and switch back to sitting again.

Program him to perform a sequence of actions by simply moving his limbs around. Robopanda comes with an adorable plush panda accessory (who Robopanda will recognize and interact with when he's close by) and 2 cartridges containing interactive content. Requires 4 "AA" and 6 "C" batteries, not included. Measures 19"H.


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