Top Transformers Toys Based on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie

Apr 29, 2009
The trailer of the second Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, definitely got everyone excited, but what is really impressive for the transformers fans are the new transformers toys developed by Hasbro, which some time ago unveiled the images of the toys. Strangely enough there is no Megatron toy, but still you can see a lot of awesome figures of characters that are likely to appear in the second movie. Below you can see the incredible toys from the Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen series and how they look in both robot and vehicle form. The list goes in alphabetical order.


Although this toy was not very popular some time ago, it is coming back big. It is expected that Breakaway will appear in the second movie about transformers. This is how Breaaway looks in robot form.

And this is its vehicle form - a traditional aircraft of the Decepticon set. In this set Breakaway comes as an Autobot.


The star of the first movie, Bumblebee, is expected to kick ass in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Observe the toy in robot form.

This is its vehicle form - Bumblebee looks really cool.


This robot has a different look in the movie, but who cares, Mudflap is awesome. Look at its robot form.

Now appreciate the vehicle form. It is worth mentioning that Mudflap and Skids are twin brothers. However, their vehicle forms are very different.


This robot enters the movie in a rather unexpected way. Take a look at this robot.

Now what do you think about the vehicle form? Originally the robot transformed into a mechanical tiger, while being a Predacon. The new Rampage is a Constructicon and is part of Devastator.


Sideswipe looks somewhat unusual, having arm blades and rollerskating capability all in one. Check out the robot form.

Now observe the vehicle form. The robot transforms into one of the coolest cars among all Autobots.


This robot is definitely not a pretty boy, but it is still a cool toy.

Take a look at Skids in vehicle form.


This is a communication-device robot that transforms into some sort of satellite.

Soundwave looks quite weird, but it is still an awesome toy no doubt. Here's what it looks like in satellite form.


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