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Dec 26, 2007

Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX267W Theater System with Wireless Speaker Kit

Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX267W Theater System with Wireless Speaker Kit - Let your select Sony HDMI components play in harmony with the simple setup and connectivity of the Sony Bravia DAV-DX267W Theater System. Setup couldn't be simpler with the wireless rear surround speakers. Highly advanced BRAVIA Theater Sync technology allows you to easily control select HDMI devices with one touch on the included remote control.

And you'll be enjoying music and movies in no time with automatic digital cinema calibration that optimizes sound from every speaker. For crystal-clear video, the integrated high-performance 5-DVD/CD changer upscales standard 480p DVDs to 1080i resolution (requires compatible television) and conveniently features a dedicated Digital Media Port for connecting optional DMP-compatible accessories.

It allows you to play music from a PC client device, Bluetooth receiver, audio docking station, Network Walkman or iPod digital music player. A digitally-tuned AM/FM radio with up to 30 selectable station presets lets you enjoy your favorite radio programs at home.

Sony HT-DDW990 Component Home Theater System with Digital Media Port

Sony HT-DDW990 Home Theater System - Create a stunning home theater atmosphere with the Sony HT-DDW990 Component Home Theater System with Digital Cinema Sound technology. Through the power of Digital Signal Processing, this advanced system recreates the effects that were intended to be heard in movie theaters. And with 5 channels pumping 140 Watts each and a booming 200-Watt subwoofer, you will feel like you're part of the action. Effortlessly integrate your compatible HDMI capable television with the handy HDMI pass-through feature and enjoy the beauty of uncompressed 1080i video.

Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System

Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System - Your widescreen HDTV experience is only a fraction of what epitomizes the home-theater experience. Panasonic's SC-PT750 Home Theater System delivers that 5.1 channel surround sound you've been hearing so much about. It also adds a 5-Disc DVD and CD changer. Got an iPod player? There's a dock for that too!

The wireless rear speakers let you place them wherever you like without the clutter of cables. You can also expand your music listening into three additional rooms with the optional SH-FX85 wireless multi-room speaker kit. To give you the astonishingly high image quality of today's HD technology, the 1080p upconversion function converts standard definition images from DVDs to high definition. That means you'll get the most out of your HDMI compatible HDTV.

And unlike ordinary video up-converters that produce images with thicker edges and decreased sharpness, the HD Enhancer keeps edges crisp and clear for outstanding detail. Enhance your home theater system with the incredible combination of Panasonic sound technology and 1000 watts of power. Super Surround puts you in the action with lifelike sound from every angle, and a Four-Step Subwoofer Level Control puts you in command with rich sound effects you can hear and feel.

Sony HTD-DW790 Component Home Theater System

Sony HTD-DW790 Component Home Theater System - Fill the room with quality sound from all angles with the Sony HT-DDW790 Component Home Theater System. The perfect companion to your television and DVD player is this six-speaker setup with its monstrous total output of 800 watts.

And don't worry about wasting your time with calibration. An automatic feature adjust the levels for you, creating an optimum sound field for movie watching. The 8" subwoofer provides deep bass with dramatic effect and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding sends specific audio to individual speakers, delivering an incredibly realistic listening environment.

Philips AmbiSound Home Theater Sound Bar with Integrated 1080p-Upscaling DVD/MP3 Player

Philips AmbiSound Home Theater - Sometimes the quest for home surround sound is as ignominious as seeking the holy grail. Where do you place all those speakers? Do you have to reshape the room? Philips engineers have tackled that problem. They've managed to take the output from 5 distinct channel amplifiers and placed them in a single speaker called a Soundbar. Within the soundbar, speakers are angled to provide a realistic audio environment that literally emulates sound as if it's coming from all sides. It's 5.1 surround without the mess!

In addition to the latest audio technology, the Ambisound system is only five inches thick and can be easily mounted onto a wall underneath an existing Flat-TV. The simple, yet elegant design enhances the décor of any home theater space, regardless of the room layout or design. The center console is designed to be mounted on a wall or resting on a stand.

For maximum audio quality and clarity, the Ambisound system features a 3-band equalizer and DoubleBASS deep bass performance, creating a smooth cross over between sounds. The speakers feature soft dome tweeters for increased clarity and clear voice performance and are designed for maximum efficiency for full midrange performance. Additionally, users will enjoy the Smart Surround feature, which automatically ensures correct surround sound settings whether a movie or music is playing.

Though not exactly 5.1 channel sound, The HTS8100 uses a host of technologies including array processing, precise driver positioning and psycho-acoustic innovation to achieve the full surround sound performance that is 5.1 channel compatible. Auxiliary input ports Subwoofer Only five-inches thick, the Ambisound SoundBar provides a stylish system with amplifier and a DVD player all in a single sophisticated design Philips advanced Sonowave surround SonoWave surround sound technology is compatible with all 5.1 channel surround-sound sources, such as DVDs and SACDs

Sony DAV-HDX500 BRAVIA Home Theater System

Sony DAV-HDX500 BRAVIA Home Theater System - The concept of home-theater is very enticing. Sony has aligned this sound system to be compatible with their popular Bravia widescreen TV line. Yet, it will still deliver fine performance with most other HDTV sets on the market. As a leader in products with HDMI connectivity, Sony has created BRAVIA Theater Sync to go beyond simple audio and video transmission.
When combined with a select number of BRAVIA Televisions and other Sony audio and video products, in addition to audio and video transmission, control functions will be transmitted via the HDMI cable. With One Touch Play,? operations that took several steps have been reduced to one.

Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the audio and/or the video component(s) turn on with the BRAVIA and switch to correct input. This model also includes an iPod dock for playthrough. HDMI - Reads the data on a standard DVD at 480P and maximizes the video resolution to best fit your HDMI compatible TV at up to 720p or 1080i XM Connect-and-Play Ready A World of digital radio is at your fingertips.

Connect the optional onnect-and-Play antenna, sign up for XM service (subscription rate required) and enjoy the variety of digital radio with superior sound quality Digital Media Port (DMP) offers compatibility with various accessories which will include a PC Client device, Bluetooth receiver and Audio Docking Stations compatible with Network Walkman(R) and iPod products.

Samsung HT-X40 5.1-Channel DVD Home Theater System

Samsung HT-X40 5.1-Channel DVD Home Theater System - The Samsung' HT-X40 Home Theater Audio System delivers 800 watts of audio power enhanced by Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS decoders. This unit features improved USB Host Play, which lets you plug and play your portable digital devices without loading software by progressive scan technology. The smooth progressive scan image eliminates even the slightest hint of blur or distortion, bringing new realism to DVD movies and DVD video selections.

The USB port lets portable digital devices connect instantly to lets you enjoy your music, video clips or photos on your home theater system. Dolby Digital & Dolby Pro-Logic and DTS decoders Multimedia disc playback Wireless rear channel ready Single DVD motorized drawer 15 FM Presets Memory Wide center channel for better dialogue performance Universal 58 key remote control 3-ohms Impedance Satellite & Woofer Audio Sound mode - EQ (3 mode), DSP (5 mode) Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and DTS Decoders Terminals - 1 Component video out, 1 Composite video out, 1 HDMI out, Auxilary Audio in, 1 SCART out Format Compatibility - MP3, DivX, WMA, JPEG Support, Photo files Dimensions - Width 32.3 x Height 12.6 x Depth 15 inches Weight - 27.1 pounds

Samsung HT-TX72 DVD Home Theater System

Samsung HT-TX72 DVD Home Theater System - Imagine the allure of 1200 watts of audio power. Samsung's elegant HT-X72 Home Theater Audio System offers industry leading power, enhanced by Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic decoders.

The full-featured unit offers the convenience of a 5-disc changer, as well as improved USB Host Play, which lets you plug and play your portable digital devices without loading software. You will be delighted with the superior non-interlaced images sent to the latest digital television receivers giving you unparalleled image quality. Additionally, with the ability to go wireless you can expand your system to achieve the ultimate surround sound experience without the need to figure out how to hide those unsightly wires.

Sony HTD-DW995 Full HD 1080p Component Home Theater System

Sony HTD-DW995 Full HD 1080p Component Home Theater System - Be moved by a Hollywood studio-class home theater experience you won't soon forget. With an 8" active subwoofer for thrilling bass and 900 watts of total power, the HT-DDW995 component home theater system packs a punch.

But all that power is nothing without connectivity, and with 2 HDMI inputs and Digital Media Port (DMP) the HT-DDW995 has all you need to enjoy a wide range of media. Additionally, innovative Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and audio enhancement features improve the quality and impact of any audio input.

Bring the cinema experience home with 5.1 channels of pristine surround sound. 7 audio inputs, 2 outputs 7 video inputs, 2 outputs Digital media port AM / FM tuner Accepts 1080p signal via HDMI AV Receiver with HDMI Active Intelligence Portable Audio Enhancer with Front Audio Input 5 satellite speakers with wood grain cabinets, 8? Active Sub Woofer Dimensions - 10 5/8 x 13 1/16 x 14 15/16 (270 x 331 x 380mm)

Panasonic SC-PT1050 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System

Panasonic SC-PT1050 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System - You've just bought a widescreen TV and are ready to experience HDTV for the first time. Improved visual quality is just one part of the package. HDTV incorporates up to 5.1 channel Dolby-Digital compatible surround sound.

Now there's a dilemma. You want this sound performance to be part of the total experience, but how do you configure 6 speakers in your entertainment room? You want the DVDs you watch to take full advantage of the HDTV you invested in, but you don't want to have to string so much cable to connect your rear surrounds and subwoofer.

The Panasonic SCPT1050 makes it easy. The surround speakers and subwoofer are all wireless, meaning you can quickly mount them without worrying about running wire. The progressive-scan 5-disc DVD/CD changer up-converts to 1080p, which means you'll get the most out of your HDMI-compatible HDTV with sharp and exceptionally detailed high-resolution images. And unlike ordinary video up-converters that produce images with thicker edges and decreased sharpness, the HD Enhancer keeps edges crisp and clear for outstanding detail.

Super Surround puts you in the action with lifelike sound from every angle, and a Four-Step Subwoofer Level Control puts you in command with rich sound effects you can hear and feel. It also comes equipped to deliver exceptional sound quality from portable audio players and other new music sources. Go ahead and listen to music on your iPod by using the included Universal Dock for iPod, or tune into your favorite XM stations with the integrated XM tuner.

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