Top 13 of the USB mice

Feb 07, 2008
Why don't you want to choose a pretty, outstanding mouse for you computer or laptop? The wide variety of different modern mice shocks. That's why, be cool and stylish and check out the following top.

Number 13. Let's start with the most classical variant. Genius Traveler 515 Laser Mouse is a great representative of mice. It has laconic and not unusual design, but its features are great. It is nice for advanced PC users. The gadget delivers ultra smooth working performance and better surface coverage than the regular optical mouse, which means you won't have any problems while working with it. A hyper speed scrolling function was created to make the use of it very comfortable.

Number 12. USB Travelmate Mouse has its own unique advantages. At first, it is unbelievable compact and light, that is great for traveling. Then, thanks to retractable USB cable, you can keep and take it everywhere with you. You should agree with me that tangled cord is not the most pleasant moment.

Number 11. Casio USB Label Mouse Printer is a fresh look on the mice design. The gadget performs two functions. On the one hand, it is a great mouse for your PC. On the other hand, with its help you may leave messages for somebody. The use of label printouts as self-stick removable notes for messages, phone numbers, and memos is the second function of the mouse.

Number 10. There also exist cute mice for children. I bet your child wants to have its own pretty funny mouse for PC. Penguin Optical Mouse looks amazing. It will bring more pleasant emotions to your child. Who knows, maybe you will like this cute bright mouse as well. Don't worry about the shape; it perfectly fits your hand.

Number 9. I would be shocked if there was not designed a mouse-shaped mouse. This gadget can be called classical as well. It is comfortable for both hands. Blue LED light of the mouse lights up when it is powered. I think it is a pleasure to see almost a real mouse on your working table.

Number 8. Ladybug Mouse is a bright, attracting a lot of attention device. The design is rather interesting; the mouse will be great both for adults and kids. But don't try to throw it through the window, this ladybug won't fly away.

Number 7. The following mouse is not only cool gadget but also an outstanding decoration on your table. Translucent cover and colorful flashing LED light will shine in darkness. Anyway, I hope you won't work at night just to admire this pretty mouse. There's one more useful function: the cable can be lengthened and shortened on 5 levels in order not to become entangled.

Number 6. The next mouse is the representative of the new generation of mice. It is Wireless USB Car Optical Mouse. It has two advantages. Firstly, it is wireless, which means you'll have more freedom and comfort in you movements, and, of course, no entangled cables. Secondly, the mouse has pretty funny design. The gadget is great for your kid.

Number 5. Aluminum Flat Mouse differs from other mice. It is steadier to scratches. It will look like a new one even in some years. Then, thanks to double lens, the mouse guarantees to its user super sensitivity on all kinds of surface.

Number 4. USB Warmer Mouse will save your hands when it is cold. Freezing hands are not your best helpers. So, if the conditions on your working place leave much to be desired and it is often cold, this mouse is definitely for you. Your hands will thank you if you buy such USB warmer mouse for them.

Number 3. Have you heard about USB Finger Mouse? It saves place on your working place and opens you new possibilities. While you are working on your computer, this mouse perfectly fits on your finger. It is great for your laptop in a trip. The point is that it works on any surface, starting with the table and finishing with your clothes. The mouse works while strapped to the index finger and the button is operated with the thumb. You may be confused, but it is a really nice novelty.

Number 2. Fish Hand-held Mouse is number two today. The mouse doesn't need any surface to work on. It is very comfortable whatever you do on your computer or laptop. The scroll wheel is operated by your thumb, while your index finger is used for 'clicking' those two buttons underneath the body of the gadget. Don't be afraid, it is easy and fast to get used to it. All the features of the mouse make it great to use it absolutely everywhere.

Number 1. And the first place takes Battery FREE Wireless Optical Mouse with Mouse Pad. This gadget gives you freedom in your movements and saves the place at the same time. It looks very modern, like in the spy-films. High technology of the mouse and few extra-buttons guarantee you comfort and pleasure while working with it.

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