TOP 5 Amazing Radio Control Toys

Dec 24, 2007

Radio Control Mini Storm Launcher Mi

Master insane stunts on land or through the air with this high-powered radio control hybrid. Take-off from land or air using the hand-launch method. Perform acrobatic extreme stunts such as right banks, left banks, figure-eights, loops and spirals. Perfect for flying in varied terrain. Features two engines for greater power and accurate control. Comes with Air Hogs lithium polymer battery that charges through transmitter. Includes propeller protection rods to prolong the life of the propeller. Features full proportion controls for wild stunts. Crash resistant foam construction. Range of 300 feet. Up to 3 flights on a single charge. Fully assembled and ready to fly. Features two wheels under the body. Uses propellers for acceleration. 27 MHz frequency. Blast off and perform an array of deft-defying tricks.

Discovery Exclusive Radio Control Wicked Toy Plane

It is great fun to play with a model airplane (jet fighter) that you can control from a remote controller and actually have it flying in the air. Slice through the air at breakneck speed as you perform one exhilarating flight stunt after another. Aerodynamic design makes it easy for beginners to fly stunts. Long-lasting lithium battery delivers up to 4 flights per charge. 500-foot range allows plenty of room for stunts. Some of the possible activities:
Full-function radio control and field charger combination.
Twin engine design for simple thrust-vector steering.
Variable-speed motor control for slow glides or bursts of speed.
With power, agility and "wicked" styling, this is the ultimate plane for smooth take-offs, perfect turns and jaw-dropping stunts.

Discovery Exclusive Radio Control Jet Hovercraft 2

A hovercraft is am impressive piece of machinery, being able to cost over level ground, marshy land and water, and essentially floating on a cushion on a water. Well, now the same concept is available in a toy - you can see this in the luxury of your own home. Power over any terrain land, water or ice with this radio controlled hovercraft! The newest amphibious radio-control hovercraft
- Floats on a cushion of air
- Glides smoothly over land, water or ice
- Centrifugal air intake compressor
- Twin fan-jet motors for power and speed
- 9-function radio controller with durable, break-proof antenna
- Stops on a dime simply push the button to instantly cut off air supply
- Ready to run with 9.6V battery pack and charger

Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters

If you enjoy the fun of radio-controlled vehicles, but dont always want to leave the comfort of your couch to go outside and play, check out these Air Hogs Havoc Helicopters. Measuring a mere six inches long and weighing only a half pound, these small but mighty choppers are made for indoor dueling -- so you dont have to quit flying just because of bad weather or a dark sky. A crash-resistant foam fuselage means you can perfect your piloting skills using the dual-toggle, single-throttle wireless controller. The twin drive props in back and dual rotors on top provide exceptional stability and precise six-way directional control -- up, down, left, right, forward, and back. Sled-style landing gear means set-downs should be gentle, too.
Not just for meant flying solo, the Havoc copters are designed for fun with others. In what is almost like a live video game, each helicopter uses its infrared beam weapons to engage in a mid-air battle against the other. The first pilot to hit his opponent three times with the beam (complete with battle sounds) will be victorious as the enemy heads into a wild tailspin.

Discovery Exclusive Radio Control Bladerunner III Toy Heliocopter

Another great toy for kids (and for many adults as well). There is a certain pleasure in seeing an electronic item starting to fly. Make your next mission a success with this extreme indoor helicopter. Powered by two, counter-rotating propellers and a rear rotor stabilizer. Flies and hovers with precision control. Three-channel digital-proportional control gives you power to move up, down, left, right, forward and reverse. Perfect for indoor missions no harmful fumes of model airplane fuel. Features a balanced body for easy maneuvers. Extraordinarily lightweight under 50 grams. Includes a three-channel digital radio control, flight battery, portable quick charger and instructions.

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