Top 7 of Bluetooth-enabled devices

May 23, 2008
Thanks to the technological progress and the newest inventions Bluetooth technology provides wireless connection between different devices. So, check out the following top 7 of the most interesting and handy Bluetooth gadgets.

Number 1.
PARTY speakers from Parrot are nice solution if you like listening to music and traveling. It is very comfortable to take these portable speakers with you, because they can be connected wirelessly to your MP3, laptop or mobile phone.

You don't need any useless wires, a charger or batteries are not often necessary, because the life of the batteries is up to 4 hours. You can keep your music gadget up to 10 meters away from the speakers without having the signal degrade.

It uses newest Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, but there is still one NFC phone currently available. If the source of your music isn't Bluetooth-enabled you can use the 3.5mm line-in socket on the back of the device.

Number 2.
Plantronics Calisto Pro Series hands-free phone system has the built-in multi-function Bluetooth headset.

It was designed for home or office use. You can remotely answer landline, VoIP (works with Skype and Yahoo! Voice) and even mobile calls.

This wireless handset works up to 300 feet from the base. The device also has some more useful features as all the modern phones have.

Number 3.
S-Frame digital photo frames from Sony with LCD screen displays photos from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

These digital photo frames can scale and display images up to 48 megapixels, and there are also 10 slide show variations, clock and calendar views.

The devices have either 512 or 256 MB of internal storage capacity. It is also allowed to use your computer connected through the USB port, or directly from a digital camera using USB.

With the help of two index modes you may also preview several photos at once. Functions of the gadgets can be operated using the included remote controller.

Number 4. SUN headset by Iqua collects sun energy and turns it into power. It works up to 200 hours in stand by rate and guarantees 9 hours of talk time.

The biggest advantage of the gadget is that you shouldn't charge the battery every night.

Because of the integrated mini solar panel the device is a bit large, but its weight is just 14 grams. It is very convenient to use this headset everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, and even on the deserted island.

Number 5.
MBW-150 watch from Sony Ericsson (Music Edition) is a spy-like device.

This water-resistant gadget vibrates every time you receive a call and the display shows when you receive a message.

It also lets you operate the play list and control the volume of the music on your mobile phone.

The only disadvantage of such nice device is that it works just with Bluetooth-enabled Sony Ericsson cell phones.

Number 6.
Virtual laser keyboard from Golan Technology uses the power of laser and infrared technology and, as a result, projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. This is small, full-size and handy QWERTY keyboard.

It is based on Bluetooth technology to be connected with laptops, PCs and mobile phones (for typing messages). But the life of the battery is up to 3 hours. That's why it can be not enough for a long-lasting work on your gadget it is wirelessly connected with.

Number 7.
V610 EasyShare camera from Kodak also has the integrated Bluetooth technology. The 6.1-megapixel V610 is Kodaks camera features two built-in lenses and large 2.8-inch high-resolution color screen.

You may wirelessly transfer your photos to your PC, laptop or compatible printer. Unfortunately, it has very short battery life. Generally, the device is compact, but the 10x image-stabilized optical zoom is also a nice advantage.


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