Top 7 Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones

Jun 08, 2009
Let's not waste time on foreplay and get straight to business. Here are the top 7 green mobile phones I selected for my dear readers:

1. Sharp SH002 Solar Phone

This eco-friendly mobile phone provides a number of useful features like GPS and Bluetooth; besides, it's waterproof. The solar panel incorporated here requires only 30 minutes of sunlight exposure, to give you 140 minutes of standby and 2 minutes of communications. If you expose the phone to the sun for 90 minutes, you'll be able to communicate for 9 minutes or get 560 minutes of standby. The phone also has one interesting feature - Golf Mode, which unfortunately works only in Japan. It includes information on 2300 golf courses throughout the country, thus using the GPS you can get to the desired golf field.

2. LG Solar-Powered Phone

Another solar-powered mobile phone comes from LG. The device includes a solar-powered battery mounted into the back cover. Ten minutes of sunlight exposure allow you to talk for 10 minutes. Logically, the more you expose the phone to the sun the more talk time you get. In future the company hopes to pack its green devices into environmentally-friendly boxes, using recycled paper with cardboard that won't include laminate coating. In addition, the company wants to remove from the phone-manufacturing process such chemicals as brominated flame retardants (BFR), chlorinated flame retardants (CFR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by 2010. This model also has the HFB-500 Bluetooth solar car kit that allows you to drive your car while talking on the phone without having to hold the device.

3. Samsung Blue Earth

Samsung unveiled an incredible eco-friendly phone with a full solar panel installed on its back, able to generate power when exposed to the sun. Besides, for an eco gadget the Blue Earth is quite small and comfortable to use. But Samsung went on with its device, making its body from recycle water bottles, without using brominated flame retardants, beryllium and phthalates. You can use the phone's features to turn on the energy saving mode, use a CO2 calculator, as well as a pedometer. The phone's packaging is made of recycled paper.

4. ZTE The Coral-200

The solar-powered device you see here comes from a Chinese mobile phone maker ZTE. Coral-200 represents a solar-powered handset that has one very important feature - its price, which is $ 40. The phone uses the Dutch-based technology and will help those who do not have access to regular power. One hour of sunlight exposure gives its users the possibility to talk for 15 minutes. It's not much considering the previous models, but it definitely catches on them with its (let's face it) incredible price. The company wants to sell its phone to 2 million people who do not have access to the energy network, which is why is achieved a partnership with Digicel, a network provider that does business in developing countries and provides solar-powered charges.

5. Natural Year Phone: Biodegradable Grass Handset

This device might look like a brick of grass, enriched with a keypad, but the Natural Year Phone concept developed by Je-Hyun Kim focuses on the lifecycle of mobile phones (which you don't see that often). After two years of functioning the bio phone degrades into pieces of grass so it would later be recycled - pretty weird, which is why it was listed here. What is worth mentioning here is that the phone biodegrades automatically, right after its two-year lifecycle ends. After that, the pieces can be recycled to create a new cellular phone.

6. Motorola Renew W233

Motorola registered a great slump in sales and it looks forward to come back among the best with a touch of eco-friendliness. With the world's first carbon neutral mobile phone the company wanted to show that it now pays more attention to e-waste. It is worth mentioning that Motorola's Renew W233 is the first certified Carbonfree mobile phone on the market today. It features a 100 percent recyclable case created from recycled water bottles. The phone includes a variety of other green features. After the phone reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be recycled - all you have to do is place it in a prepaid envelope that comes with the box. Besides, the packaging uses 22 percent less material and the phone's manual is printed on a recycled paper with the help of soy-based ink.

7. Sony Ericsson C901 and Naite

The popular mobile phone manufacturer was not left behind in the field of eco-friendly gadgets. Recently it introduced two incredible phones, the Naite and the C901 cybershot phone. The "green" features of both models include reduced packaging, energy-saving chargers and 100 percent recycled headsets. Besides, you can recycle the phone as soon as you want another device. The paper manual is included in the headset, which eliminates the need of using paper and thus reducing the carbon footprint of the device by approximately 15 percent.


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Aug 06, 2009 04:03 PM » posted by: Sridhar Pulikonda

Good article. Gives good summary of existing green phones

Aug 02, 2009 10:11 PM » posted by: Douglas Sperber

I like this article it gives me an idea on how to chose. Thanks a lot.

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