Top 5 Gadgets for Your Kitchen

Aug 17, 2009
I don't know if you ever considered improving your kitchen, installing some technologically advanced devices and/or changing the shape and/or style of your kitchen, but after you read this article you will mostly likely think about the possible changes. I won't bore you with a long introduction, thus please enjoy the best gadgets for your kitchen.

Kitchen Tree

This design was developed for the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. It is credited to Australian designer Balin Lee, who was inspired by the way trees grow in nature. Advanced technology allows the user to customize the kitchen concept by own needs. There's a refrigerator unit featured in the central shaft. The top of each of the five pods includes a built-in sensor that allows transforming each pod into a fridge. Every arm of the Kitchen Tree has its own ring, thus you can rotate it around the central shaft, plus you have the possibility to adjust the height of each arm with the help the carbon nano mesh construction. One really cool thing is that the incorporated sensors identify a pot that you place on the stove pod and turn on the touch slide temperature controls. You can use the same system to adjust temperature and pressure in the sink.

Moving Kitchen

A really smart idea is to create a kitchen that can be moved in virtually any part of your house. This Moving Kitchen is rather compact and saves you a lot of space. It features folded tables that can double-up if you want to sit comfortably at the table or use more space for your meals. In addition, the Moving Kitchen features a lot of space for storing kitchen essentials.

Electrolux Kitchen 2099

This is probably the kitchen of the 22nd century. It takes advantage of the Claytronic Atom, which represents very small silicium spheres (small robots) that can create virtually any form you choose. Just one form is pre-programmed for the kitchen, but after you install it you can buy and install a new form - this is something like downloading an application. You buy in the store a simple cube and when you come home you change its shape. The cube features cooking and cleaning tools, along with heat conducting metal. In addition, the box can clean itself thanks to the ability of claytronic atoms to soak up the food waste and through it to the proper garbage container. Imagine - this kitchen keeps in mind recipes and is powered by H2O fuel cells. In case you didn't understand what this thing really is, here's a video that will probably make things somewhat clear:

The Egg

This futuristic kitchen concept in made of three wings. One of them is vapor washing wing that automatically identifies your hands and turns on a cool water jet. The second wing is the induction wing which allows energy-saving, no heat and high-end cooking and the last one is the preparation wing which represents an interactive panel which offers useful information regarding the elements on the surface. In the middle you can find a holographic projector that features information database and incorporated battery modules. Using the holographic projector you can watch and learn different cooking styles, discover new recipes online, as well as manage different options for the three wings.

Oniris Kitchen

Advanced technology is the main thing you can say about this kitchen. Oniris features a central working unit that can double up as an area for cooking, washing, storing and of course dining. Over the table you can find a chandelier featuring LED lights, a motion-sensor camera and a projector, which illustrates recipes/pictures on the countertop. You can pre-program the graphic visual for special events such as anniversaries or birthdays. The concept also features a cooking plate, storage cabinet and faucet, which can be controlled using the built-in sensor.


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