Top 5 Gadgets for Your Bathroom

Aug 17, 2009
In this article you will discover the things you might want to install in your bathroom to enjoy the ultimate relaxation after a hard working day. These showers and bathrooms use advanced technologies such as laser technology, energy and water-saving technologies and more. You are welcome to share you opinion on the devices described.


Nautilus is the first bathroom to use laser technology. It allows you to rest in the bath balancing above the water without getting wet. Thus you can use the same water several times, but you can also choose to come in contact with the water. The most advanced tactile technology is applied in taps and wardrobe mechanism takes advantage of infrared sensors. This is truly the bath of the future.

Smart Shower

This is an example of an eco-friendly shower. The heat exchanger in the smart shower allows you to save energy while the aerating shower aims to cut water consumption. With the help of a built-in work basin you can easily bath babies and wash your hair. One more advantage is that the smart shower allows people with disabilities to use the shower. It has a 2 door system along with internal safety rail, plus the concept doesn't look like was designed for less-abled people. Besides, smart shower is easy to mount and dismantle.

Phyto-Purification Bathroom

The main advantage of this bathroom is its phyto-purification technology, which performs natural filtering. The bathroom is in itself a mini eco-system able to reuse the waste water. The built-in purification system features an organic system that cleans used water from the washbasin and shower and allows you to reuse it. With this device you can surely cut your water bill.

TV Tub

Some of you (if not all) at least once thought of having a TV in your bathroom. Well, the TV Tub is exactly what you need. The design of this concept is credited to Karim Rashid. The main feature is, of course, the waterproof TV incorporated into the design of the tub, which is made from liquid acrylic resin.

Aquatic Thermal Bathroom

The design of this beauty was inspired from the Turkish bathroom. It was designed by Didem Hazinedar and represents a mix of modern design, advanced technology and traditional act of purification. The space of the bathroom moves around you. Behind the seats and inside the sink you can find built-in water jets that allow you to enjoy a relaxing hydro theraphic massage. There's also an air conditioner and speakers mounted in the ceiling. You can control everything using the panel installed on the right side. You are free to control the flow of water in the bathroom, while standing on a special texture that will protect you from slipping.


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