Top 5 Eco-friendly Toys

Jun 02, 2009
I guess people of all ages love toys and with an increasing demand for green technology, the eco-friendly toys are in great demand as well. Besides, green toys help your children learn about renewable energy and why the world needs to use it. Children are our future, which is why it is important to teach them about the measures that should be taken in order to save the planet and probably the best way to start is to buy them eco-friendly toys that are not just green, children will surely enjoy playing with them as well.

1. Solar Toy Building Kit from Owikit

This toy is a 6-in-1 Solar Building Kit, developed by OWIKits. The kit includes 21 components that one can easily put together to obtain several solar-powered toys such as an airboat, a car, a puppy, and a walking puppy. This is a great way to educate kinds about alternative energies, since they get a change to actually feel and understand what green energy is. The kit features a solar panel, a small motor and a collection of snap-together parts, which can be combined to make different toys.

2. FASTRONAUTS: Action Figures Powered by Play

All kids are full of energy and parents have something to do with that energy so this toy is here to help them both and it doesn't require batteries. The Fastronauts represents a collection of charming kinetically-powered superhero toys. By playing with these toys, children learn about renewable energy. The energy collected from motion helps the toys "speak", light up and even whiz around in their vehicles. Besides teaching kids about renewable energy, these toys motivate them to go out and play in the open air.

3. Solar-Powered House Kit

This is another solar-powered kit that increases the interest of children in learning about alternative energy. The Solar-Powered Eco House Electronics Kit teaches your kids about the energy generated from the sun, with the solar panel used to power the LED sign display, the door sounds, as well as a windmill. You may also consider using 2x AA batteries that can power all at once, while the solar panel only powers one at a time.

4. RobotiKits - Solar Powered Educational Kits for Kids

The RobotiKits consists of three mini robot kits developed for school grades 3 to 8 and probably 9 to 12. These kits are very easy to bring together. They teach children about the principles of solar energy. Because these kits take advantage of solar energy there is no need to buy batteries. RobotiKits consists of:

- Super Solar Racing Car, which includes 11 parts. The vehicle rushes off when being exposed to light;

- Frightened Grasshopper, which includes 7 parts. Whenever your child brings light to the grasshopper, its eyes shake to and fro, legs wiggle and its antennas swing back and forth;

- Happy Hopping Frog, which consists of 26 parts. This toy is more difficult to assemble than the other ones. When exposed to light, the frog jumps.

5. K'Nex Solar Energy System

If your kids love LEGO then they will definitely enjoy this toy which is almost the same with some "green" additional features. The K'NEX Solar Energy System allows kids experiment with solar energy, creating seven different models. There are a total of 618 pieces in the kit, which also comes with 2x 1.38v 500mA solar panels, 4 solar motors, 4x 30cm power cords, 2 capacitors for accumulated energy and a CD-ROM guide for parents and/or teachers. Children of all ages can play with the kit.


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