Top 10 of the renewable tech devices

May 08, 2008
There is top 10 of interesting great and, what is the most important, - useful gadgets. Batteries are not necessary for them, because they use renewable energy.

Number 10.

This is a solar-powered LightShip light that you can stick almost anywhere. It's perfect for using it outside. It is waterproof, but its weight is just 8oz. It provides 8 hours of light on a full charge of sunshine.

The device has both bright white and red LEDs. It is very handy for boats, campers, cabins, cars, trips and emergency use.

Number 9.

A portable solar water heater is a nice solution to resolve the problem with hot water. The device was developed in order to guarantee you hot water without a lot of spendings.

It means you can take it everywhere with you to different places where is no access to electricity or plumbing.

When it is fold up it becomes rather small and compact but inflates into a two-meter square panel. It is also handy and comfortable in trips.

Number 8.

This place takes the fridge that doesn't need power. A refrigerator than runs without electricity is the invention of Mohammed Bah Abba from Nigeria. The idea is the following: a smaller pot is put into a larger pot.

The space between them should be filled with wet sand and the top should be covered with wet material. When the water evaporates, it pulls the heat out with it, making the inside cold.

It is considered the most natural, the cheapest and the easiest-to-do fridge. Thus, the foods keep fresh for much longer period of time. Isn't it a nice alternative idea to packs of ice while camping?

Number 7.

Solar cooking is a viable variant to cook without gas and electricity in some places, depending on the conditions you live in. It is easy to use this solar cooker.

At first pull out stacked reflectors from the bottom of the insulate globe box, but then open those with one hand clockwise.

You can also control the angle of the reflectors to change the position of the focal point and the temperature inside the glass ball.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to cook meat, but speaking about the possible flames it is safer.

Number 6.

This must be the most unusual MP3 player. It also doesn't need any electricity. Moreover, it doesn't need solar power as well. You may charge it by your hand!

Thanks to ECO-Dynamo system, if you wind it up for a minute, it will provide up to 40 minutes of audio play.

The Eco Media Player acts as MP3, video and fm radio player, as well as functioning as a torch, sound recorder, photo viewer, mobile phone charger, ebook viewer and data storage device. It features a 1.8" screen, and 2 GB of internal memory.

Number 5.

The Air-X is a small wind turbine that was created for charging batteries (the batteries could power a cabin or house). The device was upgraded in order to lower the noise of the blades. Then, there was also added microprocessor-based technology to amend battery charging.

It is very important that the internal charge controller periodically stops charging, defines the battery voltage, and decides on the spot whether to continue charging or stop completely. Finally, you get longer battery life and no overcharging.

Number 4.

Sunlit gadgets become more and more popular nowadays. There is a great list of those devices you may choose from. For example, MSI Solar-Powered MP3 Player has a lot of useful functions.

According to its name, it is solar-powered, but you can also plug in when the sun doesnt shine. It has all the necessary features for an MP3 player; it also acts as a personal data storage, photo viewer, etc.

Another example is the Iqua Sun that is the world's first solar powered Bluetooth headset. The device is light and compact; it looks simple and modern in design.

It takes its power directly from the sun. Thus, it gives you complete freedom from any charging devices.

It features 200 hours standby time, and 9 hours talk time in complete darkness. The list of such gadgets also has a mosquito repeller, tire gage, and all-in-one survival kit.

Number 3.

If you want to have natural sunlight (sans UV and infrared) at home, for example, then Fiber Optics is for you. The device carries the actual light of the sun indoors.

The GPS microprocessor enables the mirror to follow the sun across the sky like a sunflower, gathering in maximum light intensity throughout the day.

The gadget needs very little power to work and could be supported by a small solar cell equivalent to a 9-volt battery, which would last about a week.

The dish on your roof is 4 feet in diameter, and lights 1000 square feet inside the building, minus the UV rays. Its expected lifetime is about 20 years.

Number 2.

Lightcap 200 is a solar-powered cap for your water bottle. The device is the lightest, brightest LED cap available. It turns your water bottle into a solar powered lantern.

But this cap fits on any standard water bottle (2 wide mouth). Thanks to clean, green solar energy powering your lantern you will be able to forget about burned out batteries. It is also weatherproof and weighs only 2.6 ounces.

Number 1.

Solar-powered rechargers will definitely find their own places in your life. They can charge your laptop, camera, mobile phone, iPod etc.

As an example, the Voltaic solar bags are mobile solar power generators designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. The panels are lightweight, tough and waterproof. The majority of these gadgets come with battery packs (for when the sun dont shine).


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