Top 10 Hottest Gadget Girls

Oct 02, 2009
If you like gadgets, you probably enjoy observing them if they are presented by beautiful ladies. Well, we decided to select top 10 sexiest girls of the gadget world so you could enjoy your stay here at Gadgets.Infoniac.com and adore the beautiful girls here. You can express your opinion on which girl is the hottest in the comment section and you're also welcome to share the images of beautiful gadget girls (you can leave your link to the image in the comment section or submit the image by clicking the "Submit New" button). Here we go:


This girl shows that Cube H600HD portable media player. While looking at the picture you probably less likely think about the beautiful 5-inch LCD display with 800x480 resolution and a 4GB storage space that would be quite enough for you.


This beautiful girl shows us the Samsung Anycall Jet S8000H. She sure makes us pay more attention to the gadget, which claims to be the first in the world with 3.1-inch 16M WVGA (480×800) AMOLED Display. In case you're not really interested in the girl then here's some additional info about the device: incorporated GPS receiver, virtual headphone surround sound, 5Mp camera.


In this picture you can see the Teclast M50HD portable media player presented by another cute girl. Once again, in case the girl is not your type here's some addition information about the device: 720p HD video playback, 4.3-inch display with 800 x 480 resolution.


Samsung Omnia 2 definitely looks better in the arms of this girl. Like her? Not really? Alright: 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, 8.1Mp camera, dual-LEDs able to record VGA video at 30fps.


One of the best compact DVR in Korea looks even nicer when held by this girl, who will gladly describe the device that is IMS compatible (Internet Media Service), making it possible to access YoutTube and Picasa, and which has a memory reader for SD/ MS card.


This gorgeous lady shows one of the latest inventions of JVC Kenwood, dubbed Ryoma, which is an HD digital TV tuner, BD/DVD recorder, AM/FM tuner and HDD recorder all in one. You wouldn't mind taking a closer look, would you?


If you think you saw this girl somewhere, let me remind you that her name is Kim Yu-na and she is a famous Korean ice skater, who decided to join the tech giant Samsung and advertise a limited edition of the redesigned battery cover of the SCH-W770.


In case you did notice the device held by this beautiful girl then it is worth mentioning that it's a TL-M66 HD media player, which is H.264, MKV, RMVB and AVI friendly and has 8GB of storage capacity. It features a 5-inch LCD display with 800x480 resolution.


The new Samsung X Series laptops never looked better. The girl in this picture probably wants to tell you about the dual-core processor and that the new ultra thin laptops are able to function up to 9 hours. In you ask her nicely she might add that these laptops come in three series: X120 (1.36kg, 11.60-inch display), X420 (1.70kg, 14.00-inch display) and X520 (2.09kg, 15.60-inch display)


Here's a bonus to all of you who decide to read till the end. Here you have five beautiful girls that are there to highlight the YP-P2 flash-based multimedia player that boasts a glossy thin design, attractive interface and a big touch-screen. The player features an iPhone-style home button and you can play music, watch video, view images and listen to the radio.


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Oct 02, 2010 04:55 PM » posted by: AaronieroAruruerie

Does someone know the first girl's name?

It would be great to know that!^^

Nov 02, 2009 02:46 AM » posted by: dude2

all but one were asian....

Oct 03, 2009 05:48 AM » posted by: dude

not one of them were hot...with the exception of the girl all the way on the left in the last picture

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