Top 10 Futuristic Car Designs

Jul 14, 2009
If you thought you knew all about vehicles, think again since below you can see some of the most impressive car designs I found and decide to share. I must say that today there is a great number of designs; a lot of young and talented designers create some incredible works of art, some of which are lucky enough to be implemented in real life. Oh, well, enough with demagogy, I present you the list of the best car designs ever.

1. Bugatti 57 Atlantic

This is an incredible concept that was designed to focus on both the outside and performance. The design is credited to the French Designer Bruno Delussu. The front of the vehicle reminds of Jaguar but the rest is something I've never seen before. The two-seater car surely looks very beautiful, but it is less likely to be developed in the near future. The concept looks so futuristic that there are two possible scenarios: whether it will still remain a concept or it will be produced in the next century. The designer, however, said one true thing - as long as a human can imagine, he can create whatever he wants.

2. 3Wheeler

This car was designed as a high-speed Unmanned Land Vehicle. The 3Wheeler is expected to replace several vehicles that are currently used by the law enforcement force, which requires cars able to reach a high-speed to catch criminals or arrive at a certain destination as quickly as possible. In most cases cars with three wheels have one at the front and two at its back, but it is vice-versa in this concept, probably the designer Andi Dewanto saw some advantages in such placement, still very beautiful concept.

3. Gentleman's Racer

This incredible concept was developed by designer Mikael Lugnegard who works at Lugnegard Design. You can call this vehicle "Gentleman's Racer". The designer required several software tools to create the concept, and namely he used Maya, Hypershot, and Photoshop. The look of the car is not just inspiring, it blows your mind with the striking colors and lines, representing a modern vintage model that somewhat resembles a Volvo OV4, coming in two colorways.

4. Nissan Motivity 400C

This vehicle represents how designers at Nissan envision the future of automaking and I must say they see it quite interesting, to say the least. Motivity 400C is a vehicle that boasts a wide range of incredible functional features. It takes advantage of maglev's engine system that adds more power to the car and every tire allows the driver to control the vehicle with ease. Having a triangular shape the vehicle considerably reduces air resistance when driving at great speeds and increases the car's acceleration, thus saving a lot of power. A wonderful concept from a great carmaker.

5. Terrena

This model was designed to be able to pass through different types of terrain found in America. Terrene features a unique tire mechanism that is able to adapt the dimensions of the vehicle to a variety of terrain types, which makes it possible for the user to drive safely in various conditions. The reduced height of the vehicle along with a large wheel diameter improves Terrena's functionality. The car also boasts integrated sensors that signal the driver about road conditions. In case the sensors identify a good road condition the vehicle's wheels become wide and Terrena decreases its height to become more stable, allowing you to control it easier at high speed. In addition, this futuristic concept is covered with flexible materials that have an interesting and useful feature - they "absorb" any deformations that occur as a result of impact with different objects.

6. Veritas RS III

This car can reach a speed of 100km/h in just 4 seconds thanks to either a 480hp V8 engine or a 600hp V10 engine from the German giant BMW. The car can reach a top speed of 200mph and it is already available on the market at a price of 5,000. The car was designed for only one driver and features just one rear view mirror mounted in the center of the car besides the driver. Designers decided to locate the exhaust pipes in rather strange places - on the backside of the vehicle slightly above the branding.

7. Tatra

This concept was presented by the Czech magazine AutoDesign&Styling. The car was developed by Tatra Motors, which is one of the oldest companies in the world along with Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot. The company worked in cooperation with designer Mike Jelinek, who thought about the future look of a Tatra vehicle and the final result was this 903 Concept, which represents a fuel cell luxury sportscar that incorporates innovative aerodynamic features.

8. Panarella S01

A fusion of truck and samurai, this car concept was designed by Davide Panarella, who named his creation "Panarella S01". The model has the look of a powerful machine. In fact, the car is an off-road three-wheeler with two wide tires at front, and one at the rear. The wheels on the front look detached from the car, being held by two beefy looking attachments connected to the back of the car. The face of the S01 was developed to look like the masks of the Japanese Samurai.

9. Multi Mode Vehicle

This concept was developed by a team from Samson Motorworks. Engineers wanted to create a vehicle that would defy the law of gravitation. They took into consideration the aerodynamic and weight related problems of common vehicles, and made a 3-wheel model, which probably doesn't resembles a car literally, but it is still vehicle with one exception - it flies. The company currently works on two MMV models, one is Skybike featuring a patent telescoping wing and other is the Switchblade that makes use of a scissors wing design, being able to retract its wings when driving. Both models are rather small and can fly up to 10,000 feet above sea level. Such concept requires improved safety features, which is why engineers decide to include the front shock absorber, a side door protection as well as a ballistic shaft recovery system. Just like any modern vehicle, these three-wheelers have air conditioning and heating and MP3 input CD player. In addition, these cars include rear view video monitor, automatic vehicle leaning, dual lighting system used for both ground and air.

10. Peugeot Angel

From its name you can guess that angels served as an inspiration for the design of this incredible concept. The car was designed for city use. Peugeot Angel represents a mix of futuristic and retro looks. Its front wheels work just like on standard vehicles but the rear wheels work on idea of opposite magnetic fields circulation, developing a magnetic field that levitate the car in its back. Such technology allows the car to be much lighter, plus less power is needed.


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