Attractive Transformers from Tokyo International TOY Forum 2009

Feb 16, 2009
The Tokyo International TOY Forum 2009 event, which took place in the capital of Japan between January 14th and 15th, had a lot of things to show. Hobbystock Japan presented a report on the products at the forum.

There are a lot of interesting things shown and one of them appears to be a complete prototype performed in metal. There was the Chrono Label transformer. Yet there's no information on what it can do, but Talkie Toaster on TFormers.com states that the toys resemble Chogokin Lightan figures. These transformers are made of shiny metal and their price is around $ 350.

One of the most impressive transformers was the MP-08 Grimlock. The TOY Forum also featured a robot mode figure, which will soon be released for sale.

A pretty cute transformer was Disney Label Mickey Mouse, presented in two versions, one in color and the other one gray. It may not appeal to you at first but the more you look at it the more you're attracted to this cute little toy.

In addition, on display there was an assembled Bruticus figure. If taking a closer look to the transformer you may notice some sticker wear that indicates that it is a vintage toy and not the real reissue.

For collectors of the cassettes there were such transformers as Ratbat, Ramhorn, Slugfest and Steeljaw. All of them featured gold-chromed weapons for the Vol 2. issue. Besides, there was the awaiting Cassette Daisakusen Vol. 1 set composed of Ravage, Laserbeak, Eject and Rewind action figures.

For Henkei fans there were the Legends Mini-robot sets, along with Dinobot, Hot Rod, Ratchet, Red Alert as well as the Smokescreen. You can see more images .


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