The smallest projector in the world

Jun 24, 2008
Texas Instruments has recently presented their new handheld display Optoma Pico, which they call the gadget of the future generation. The device is considered the smallest projector on the market.

At first Optoma Pico was shown in January, but it was just a concept. No one thought it would become a commercially available product. The Pico will be produced in a partnership with the Taiwanese projector company Optoma.

The gadget was created to be built into such devices as mobile phones, media players. It will act as a stand-alone projector. But it will be also possible to project video and slides via a lot of other gadgets, especially via Apple iPod, PlayStation Portable and ultra portable laptops.

According to the words of the producers, the Optoma Pico will guarantee a clear and bright projection onto an 8.5x11-in. piece of paper, likely for indoor lighting. Of course, the gadget wasn't created as a home movie theater but it provides rather big image to share your portable media player with someone else.

Optoma Pico is a battery-powered device, but the battery life is just up to 2 hours. So, that is, actually, not very handy for a portable gadget.

The Texas Instruments Company is not the only one that manufacturers handheld TVs. The Microvision Company assured that they will produce the same type of devices. Their gadget is expected to be even tinier and based on the newest technology that uses tiny lasers to scan and project its video. The device will be used like an add-on for mobile phones, DVD players and gaming consoles.

So, we expect the both devices by the year 2009.

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Jul 10, 2008 03:19 PM » posted by: monixx

when was the smallest projector invented and who first invented it?

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