The robot that replicates itself

Jun 25, 2008
English scientists have created an unusual robot. The device can make 3D copies of different objects. It can be a realistic object, like window handles and pens. But the most interesting thing is that it can replicate itself.

So, the robot is a kind of a three-dimensional printer. It doesn't print documents or images, but it uses blueprints to make 3D plastic objects.

Zack Smith, the director of the RepRap Research Foundation, says that the aim is to develop a robot that will be able to produce individual processors and circuit boards. It is necessary in order to give people the possibility to build their own computers.

3D printers have been on the market for about 25 years, but the robot's creators say that the RepRap Company is the only one company in that sphere that made a machine that can materially make its own structural parts.

A usual printer uses ink; but the robot warms plastic and then compresses it into a line. These lines are made up into handy forms as they solidify. As yet the device has created different plastic objects that we use every day, for example door handles, sandals and coat hooks. Moreover, the robot has made its own structural parts.

The most exciting thing is that the company has developed the machine that can build other things. There is still a lot of work to do in order to upgrade it and perfect the robot to get even more unbelievable results.

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Mar 09, 2010 02:57 PM » posted by: Mneph

Hasn't anyone been watching SciFi for the last 25 years? At this rate 'Terminator' will be knocking on our doors by 2050.

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