1 terabyte optical disk - newest tendency of technolody

Mar 16, 2008
Nowadays Blu-Ray is not the best way to keep all the necessary data, because there appeared 1 terabyte optical disk.
Let's find out if our society needs a disk which can contain much more information than you even have and need.

Generally, TeraDisk looks like a usual CD or DVD, but its features open something new and still unusual for us. There is a question: how have they done it? The answer is that a regular CD/DVD has 1 layer, but this novelty has up to 8. Thus, TeraDisk achieved this amazing result by using 200 layers and latest read/write laser technology. The process is not easy but the result, as you see, is great.

What was this TeraDisk created for? Usual PC users don't need so much space for their data. But such huge companies like Sony and Microsoft might find it rather handy and useful.

Anyway, we should face another problem that appears if you buy such disk for yourself. Will it be recognized by a slow computer, for example? Will it be cheap enough?
If there already exists 1 terabyte optical disk, then why can't be made exabyte hard drives? Usually, most hard drives on commercial computers are not more than 1 terabyte. If the creators think that our lifestyles are so energetic and sometimes so much space is not enough for a modern person, then it would be more reasonable to make larger hard drive, than a disk.

Unfortunately, such disk also has a disadvantage that all usual CDs have - one careless little scratch and it becomes useless. Then, it is hard to imagine how much time it will take to record this disk.

TeraDisk can be called 'the disk of the future', because it will be available in 2010. I think that at first, when it is accessible, a lot of people will buy it, but then they will try to understand if they really need it. This novelty will shock the society, but is it really worth it?

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Jul 04, 2018 08:36 AM » posted by: Indian App Development

This technology could fundamentally improve the efficiency of data hubs, using 1,000 times less power than a hard disk center, by requiring considerably less cooling and doing away with the energy-intensive task of data voyage every two years. Optical disks are also inherently far more secure than hard disks.

Jul 04, 2015 08:23 AM » posted by: Honney

I like to party, not look arctlies up online. You made it happen.

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