Spark - Budget Laptop For Students

Oct 22, 2008

Design company IDEO and Training Technology Project Inkwell suggested the concept of school laptop for students under the age of 12.

According to the company IDEO, it is intended to "significant increase in the size and effectiveness of educational technology market".

The significance of this project adds the participation of the Project Inkwell, in spite of its inconspicuous title, but very famous founders: AMD, Microsoft, Red Hat, Gateway, SanDisk, Reuters, etc. It is possible, here is the answer to the question arises: "Will be the Spark a competitor to the XO Laptop of One laptop per child Fund"?

A group of experts were held for development of this concept by IDEO for collation and synthesization of views and suggestions made by students in order to translate all this into a real prototype.

Spark will allow to study at any time and anywhere. It is a wireless device that is using pre-training software applications supported cooperative work of students, provides access to the Internet as a learning space. The Sparks configuration provides a lot of opportunities for personalization.

It is not yet clear if the school laptop is an example to show concern for the needs of students or is it a real project, involving specific dates and real investment. But even if the practical implementation of the project, the success of Spark will depend on its price and configuration.


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