Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot - a WiFi Camera

Jan 14, 2009
Recently Sony presented its amazing 10.1 megapixel camera. The device is really great no only because it was created by Sony but also because it can be directly connected to the Internet without any aid from a computer or a mobile phone.

While at home you simply plug your Internet connection into Sony's DSC-G3 Cybershot and wher you're on the road you can use the AT&T WiFi or any other WiFi spot to open your Sony home page.

After logging in you are free to send your images and/or videos to one or a number of different website, including YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, Shutterfly and DailyMotion. You may also consider sending notes to your friends, letting them know that you have uploaded new stuff.

Despite the fact that the camera doesn't have all the features of a web browser, it still comes with a 4GB internal memory. Thus you have the ability of storing up to 950 high-resolution photographs and not worry about additionally acquiring a Memory Stick Pro Duo.

The Japanese company upgraded a number of features on its device, including the Carl Zeiss lens, which is now a 4x Vario-Tessar lens. Using the "magnifying glass mode" you have the possibility to zoom to within 1/2 inch of the subject.

In addition the company has improved its face detection technology. The DSC-G3 Cybershot has so-called "smile shutter technology" which helps you capture a smile. Besides, the camera rejects to accept shut-eye in a picture this is because of its "anti-blink function".

Sony included in its new G3 camera a feature called "intelligent scene recognition". With its help the device identifies lighting conditions and allows you to pick the shots.

You also won't get blurry images that usually are the result of camera shaking, because Sony G3 Cybershot camera uses the technology called "optical steady-shot optimization".

Among other features of the Cybershot DSC-G3 there is an advanced internal photo management system that allows you to store your photographs automatically by face, date, calendar and favorites. The camera has a 3.5 inch screen in which you can even see thumbnails. The price of Sony DSC-G3 is 0 without the uploading and WiFi.


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