Momentus XT - Hybrid Drive from Seagate

May 26, 2010
Seagate unveiled its new hybrid solid state/hard drive, which, according to the company, is the world's fastest 2.5 inch laptop PC drive.

Dubbed Momentus XT, the device boasts a long list of advantages, including a very high speed and resistance to shock damages. Due to the fact that solid state drives (SSD) are extremely expensive, Seagate decided to create a hybrid drive, which would have the speed near to that of an SSD but at a price of an HDD.

The Momentus XT represents a fusion of a 500GB/320GB/250GB 7200RPM hard disk drive and a 4GB SLC NAND SSD. The device squeezes two drives into a 2.5 inch box that can be installed in laptops.

The new drive is able to achieve a speed that is 80 percent faster than the speed of a commonly used hard disk drive. According to one of the latest announcements from Seagate, ASUS agreed to provide the Momentus XT as an upgrade variant for the ROG G73Jh gaming laptop.

[via Gizmag]


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