Throat Microphone from the Japanese Company Sanwa

Mar 26, 2009
The device that has been used only by SWAT teams, the Throat Microphone from Sanwa has recently hit the stores.

The company's new hands free system allows you to get in touch with military tech with its Japanese phone design that is based on the throat microphone that most of us saw only in movies, worn by tactical assault groups.

The gadget is really useful, providing a clear phone conversation whether you are in a crowd or work in a noisy environment.

It seems that human neck carries as the same number of vibrations as the mouth, which is why the person on the other end will hear you clearly.

The design of the Throat Microphone is very stylish, resembling a necklace.


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Apr 05, 2009 05:33 AM » posted by: Bill

I've scores of sites talking great things about the Sanwa throat microphone, AND NOT ONE SAID WHERE TO PURCHASE IT . . . thanks ALOT !

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