Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Action Figures

Feb 14, 2009
The UK-based collectable toy store that specializes in collectables and action figures such as Hasbro Transformers, Star Wars, Terminator and more, Kapow Toys, has recently got a copy of the product characteristics of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline. The details of the new Transformers toyline can give some information on what Transformers fans can expect from the second part of the blockbuster.

The list will feature the Devastator, which will have both lights and sounds. In addition, the toyline will include the Human Alliance Bumblebee that will get a friend in the form of Ironhide. There's yet no information on the human that will be involved in the battle together with the boss bot. Below you can see the toyline with a short description, provided by .

Movie Legends Item No 83977 RRP Smallest converting scale copies of Transformers from the movie sequel.
Ages 5+

Movie Scout Item No 83974 RRP Transformers action figures based on the movie in a 4'5'' scale toys packed in robot mode.
Ages 5 +

Movie Deluxe Item No 83971 RRP - Entry level into the movie-based transformers converting play model including mech alive technology.
Ages 5+

Movie Voyager Item Number 83972 RRP Transformers action figures in larger scale and cars with realistic styling, which are packed in car mode with mech alive technology.
Ages 5+

Movie Leader item Number 83973 RRP Movie-based Transformers action figures in larger scale that include lights and sound and are packed in robot mode with mech alive technology. The toy requires 2 x AA batteries.
Ages 5+

Fast Action Battlers Item No 83975 RRP - Chunky Transformers action figures featuring a more stylized design. Each toy is packed in robot mode with the toy being activated by a spring.
Ages 4+

Mega Power Bots Item No 91343 RRP these toys are meant for younger children. They do not convert, but they take the Power Bots to the next level, making it easy kids to remake battle scenes from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
Ages 4 +

Human alliance Assortment Item No 83978 RRP Two large scale toys - Bumblebee and Ironhide together with a 2'' human action figure. The action figure of the human figure is fits inside a transformer and is the main figure in the combat feature of the robot.

Supreme Combiner Item Number 83908 Devastator RRP The action figures combine to create the ultimate movie villain from Revenge of the Fallen. The figure features lights and sound.
Ages 5+ Master carton 2 requires 2 x AA Batteries

Movie Robot Heroes Item Number 89842 RRP Stylishly designed Transformers for both collectors and kids.
Ages 3+

Robot Replicas Item Number 89842 RRP Figures that do not convert but which represent highly detailed copies of the movie characters. These toys have the ability to articulate and are meant for older kids and collectors.
Ages 4+

Robot Heroes Battle Scenes Item No 91524 RRP This represents the next evolution of the Transformers heroes toyline. The mutli packs include new human action figures and several types of cars of the main characters from the film.
Ages 3+


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