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Jun 01, 2008
If the producers want their product to be sold, it needs to be useful, handy and qualitative, and have interesting design. There are a lot of different goods on the market nowadays.

So, the majority of people prefer to buy things that have both beauty and utility. That's why here is top 10 of products whose design and features really impress. Not all of them are already available, but some of them you will be able to get very soon.

Number 10. Way Out Fridge Magnet is a funny product that looks like an exit sign, but, actually, shows the way to the fridge.

It is not really clear why it should be placed on the fridge. Possibly, it should be attached to the wall on the way to kitchen.

Number 9. Bracelet Watch is a very stylish product. The idea came from a usual plastic bracelet. But it was definitely upgraded.

The three lines incorporated inside the device are rotating around and show the time. The purport is great, amazing and the watch look exclusive.

Thanks to the touch screen, it is so easy to adjust the device. The only thing you have to do to regulate it, is to touch the line, then click the adjust icon and slide the necessary line.

Number 8. The following gadget is, generally, indented for China. It features an interesting No CPU, No Hard drive, No Graphics Card and No Sound Card idea.

All these constituents are saved in a Service Provider of the new infrastructure.

So, just subscribing to a plan of this Provider will give the possibility to use them. How does it work? The necessary information is wirelessly transmitted to your hardware. It means that all the PCs are controlled by the Service Provider.

Number 7. This computer system works up, normalizes and makes over daily media activities. It constitutes of a stationary central unit and a separate mobile satellite unit.

The central unit has the following parts: media card, CPU, drives and network card. But the satellite unit contains of the built-in Life OS, CPU, and flash memory.

MARRO computer system users' have more possibilities and almost unlimited resources.

Number 6. External Touch Screen Concept is an all-in-one gadget.

It implements the functions of an external touch screen that works as a keyboard, Mac book cover and a photo/movie stand.

Number 5. According to the creators, the DDM PC should act as an integrated device for all.

Typically, it is used as an LCD display for a powerful desktop CPU, but can be separated from the main body.

Then, it is used as the portable PC desktop. So, multiple DDM's can be detached and, thus, they act separately.

When you attach the parts again, each of them syncs the information with the local machines database.

Number 4. This must be the most modern and the most unusual concept cell phone. Do you know why? We might have forgotten that cell phones were created for communication.

This gadget has no built-in MP3 player, no video or camera and etc. Stylish design and opportunity to talk on the phone - what else do you need?

Number 3. Rocking Wheel Chair is the newest interpretation of a rocking chair that combines both great design and comfort.

The upper part of the chair has the built-in light for reading.

Number 2. Airtrav is a kind of boarding pass concept. You may access to airport data with the help of touch screen interface.

Tourists or travelers can get any information about their flight.

Dual headphones allow 2 users listen to the necessary news at the same time. The device is charged by an alternative power source.

Number 1. Printer table is the greatest solution if you are short of space and if you care about the interior of your home or office.

The device looks like a usual furniture and acts both as a table and printer.

This must be the only printer when no one will grumble you if you put a cup of coffee on the top of it.


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