4 applications to carry your PC on portable device

Apr 05, 2008
Is your lifestyle very energetic? If it is handy and important for you to take all the necessary data everywhere with you and you use it almost on any computer, the following four tools will make work with your portable device more comfortable and productive. These free portable software packs are perfect for any types of modern portable USB gadgets. All you have to do is to install the pack on the device and you will make its use on any computer easier and more effective.

The first variant is Portable Apps Suite that consists of different files, such as web browser, email client, office suite, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, program launcher menu, etc. The whole collection was created to work portably with your USB devices.

The installation process is very simple: just download it on any of your portable gadgets (even iPod or mobile phone) and its done. Thus, you have the easiest access to your preferable files, data and e-mails on any Windows PC. It is important to mention that no personal information is left behind, because everything runs directly from your USB gadget.

The Portable Apps Suite consists of 10 programs. But its not a problem to add more. There are 50 applications more that will open you newest possibilities, for example, VLC media player, GIMP, 7 zip, Filezilla, Pidgin and more.

MojoPack is the second optimal variant. Actually, it cant be called portable app suite. Originally, it is mini Windows XP on your device. It has just one distinction: all the programs are already stored on the MojoPac and can be taken with you. While it is running it is possible to install the apps you want on someone elses Windows XP computer.

According to this, you have your own secure operating system, that consists of all your necessary programs, like Firefox, any kind of messenger, Office software, games, important information and files. The following feature can become a disadvantage: you have to plug it just into Windows XP PC. Vista support is still developing.
Unfortunately, it has some more problems that, actually, annoy. Some applications can install incorrectly. Sometimes it happens, but it is not regularity.

The third application - FSuite-CD - was created specially for Mac users. FreeSMUG (FreeSoftware Mac User Group) produced a CD collection of the most handy and helpful Free Open Source Software programs that were exclusively packaged for Mac OSX. There is a little note that shouldnt disappoint you: there is no program launcher in this Portable App, but it is really easy to make it by yourself.

The fourth application was made for Linux users. It opens a lot of great options and possibilities. Mackenzie already included some of them in Put your Linux Distro on a Live CD. These operating systems can work just from the portable device.

The general idea of such applications is very nice; they open loads of latest possibilities for you and help to use your portable gadget in the most comfortable way.


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Apr 23, 2008 11:07 AM » posted by: Lola

I guess it's really handy....portable devices are a part of my businesslife

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