Philips Presents the Econova LED TV with a Solar-Powered RC

Oct 29, 2010
The European Imaging & Sound Association decided to award Philips' new TV with European Green EV 2010-2011.

The company's new device, dubbed Econova LED TV, shows great performance.

If the Eco-mode is turned on, the 42-inch TV consumes just about 40W.

In addition, its design has a lot of eco details such as solar-powered remote control and electronic manual.

Besides, the panel covering all electronics in Philips' new LED TV is made of recycled aluminum.

By using the latest LED technology, the company was able to cut energy consumption of its TV by up to 60 percent without sacrificing picture quality.

The Zero Power Switch included in the device shows 0W power consumption when the TV is turned off.

The package of Philips Econova LED TV is also green, being PVC and BRF-free.

[via Eco Friend]


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