Panasonic Presents 3DFHD Plasma Home Theater System

Jan 29, 2009
With the belief that 3D TV technologies will be the next step in the industry, Panasonic presented the world's first 3D Full HD (3DFHD) Plasma Home Theater System. The company's new technological wonder was shown at CEATEC JAPAN 2008 back in October 2008. In the United States the 3DFHD Plasma Home Theater System was presented at CES 2009.

The 3D FHD system, developed by Panasonic, features a 103-inch Plasma HDTV along with a Blu-ray Disc player that plays disks onto which 3D video are recorded. The 3D video consists of 1080p Full HD pictures. It is worth mentioning that the full HD processing takes place on the left- and right-sided 3D image during each process, starting with the recording, playback and display.

The viewer experiences 3D pictures through a couple of shutter glasses that work in coordination with the Plasma HDTV. The 3D pictures are created with twice the amount of information as common HD images. The 3D Full HD Plasma Home Theater System also allows users to experience qualitative surround sound.

Currently Panasonic develops exclusively Plasma displays and, with the popularity of LCD, it still hopes that the demand for its Plasma big screen displays will increase, especially because at present Plasma is the only TV that has the ability to bring a 3D Full HD experience. According to Panasonic's Executive Vice President, Bob Perry, this is mainly because of "its ability to refresh at a speed which enables multiple image display without loss of resolution".

Besides, the issue of Blu-ray helped Panasonic to solve the earlier problem related with bringing real High Definition image in 3D because of the lack of bandwidth in transport and a rather small storage capacity.

So far the company did not reveal any information regarding the commercial release of its 3DFHD system.


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