Orange Power Wellies - Generates Electricity by Making Use of Heat from Feet

Jun 09, 2010
Orange teamed up with GotWind to develop the Orange Power Wellies.

The company's new eco-friendly device can produce electricity by harnessing the heat from your feet. The generated power is then used to charge cell phones.

In order to obtain power for an hour of talk time on your phone, you will need to stomp in these Orange Power Wellies for about 12 hours. The hotter are your feet the more power you will be able to produce.

The electricity that is gathered in the sole is produced through a process called "Seebeck Effect." Within the power producing sole there are thermoelectric modules made of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials that make up a thermocouple.

Being linked electrically, the thermocouples form a series of multiple thermocouples (thermopile). Then they are locked between two thin ceramic wafers. Power is produced when the heat from your foot is applied on the upper side of the ceramic wafer and cold is applied on the opposite side.

[via EcoFriend]


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