Nokia Stops Selling Its N810 Tablet WiMax Edition

Jan 22, 2009
While the wireless broadband Internet service, Clearwire Corp. presented its brand new and long-anticipated WiMax wireless information network in two cities, the Finnish multinational communications corporation, Nokia, has discontinued selling its only portable device that has the ability of using the network without accessories.

Yesterday, January 21st, 2009, the spokeswoman for the Finish company, Laurie Armstrong, on its official website confirmed that Nokia stopped its sale of the N810 Tablet WiMax Edition. There was no information stating the reason for the withdrawal of the gadget. However, Armstrong informed that Nokia still has interest in WiMax.

Customers still have the ability to buy the portable computer from Nokia, featuring 4.1-inch touch-sensitive screen along wit a slide-out keyboard. The version of the gadget without WiMax modem is available in the stores at a price of 8.

It is worth mentioning that WiMax is considered to be a long-range version of Wi-Fi. The service provides a rather fast data speeds. Its developers hope WiMax will be used in a variety of gadgets, including small computers and GPS devices. Some of the leading computer manufacturers have already expressed their interest in making laptops WiMax-capable.


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