Information on Zune HD Player from Microsoft Leaked

Apr 16, 2009
Finally the iPod Touch from Apple will have a strong rival that come from Microsoft and it's the new Zune.

Lately some technical features of Microsoft's HD player leaked over the Internet, showing that Zune might indeed be the new generation portable player.

The device of the software giant can boast a multitouch OLED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio as well as an HDMI TV output port.

There will be two version of Zune, one with 16GB and the other in 32GB. To be able to synchronize the player with your computer, both models have a wireless support.

There are rumors that Microsoft's Zune HD may include the Nvidia's Tegra chipset able to support 3D Xbox games.

In addition, the player will feature a Web browser. However, there's still no information on the type of browser that will be used.

It was confirmed, however, that Zune HD represents the company's next generation of portable players. More information, including the device's sizes might be available soon.

The player is expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of 2009, probably in September.


posted by: Gadgets Infoniac

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