Metromorph Vehicle Becomes an Elevator and Balcony for Your Apartment

Jun 23, 2009
Designer Roman Mistiuk came up with an interesting concept that could help avoid the never-ending problems such as lack of parking space and not enough space at home. He developed this amazing vehicle which he dubbed "Metromorph", which can play several roles: besides being a car, it can turn into an elevator that takes you right to your apartment and it can increase your living space, turning into a balcony.

When you come home, the vehicle rides up just like an elevator and as soon as it arrives to the necessary floor it becomes a balcony. The designer provided specific features that explain how everything works.


The vehicle is developed in a way so it won't look like mounted to a building and yet look like a vehicle when you ride it on the road. The wheels of the vehicle are concealed toward the inside. Its doors do not go vertically like most of the scissor doors, instead the car's metromorphs arms rotate closely around the vehicle, which allows the doors to open easily in a small area like a garage.


The rotating arms inside the car hold the seats. They maintain the seat level when the car goes vertical or horizontal. As the car turns into a balcony, the seats are held by a rolling base that transforms them into lounge chairs, making more space for the balcony.

The car features two in-wheel motors that are found in the back, where there are also two battery cases.


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