Handyman's Magnetic Wristband - men's first helper

Dec 16, 2007

Well, well.. Here comes the time to take care about the sterner sex of humanity. Here is a little gift for men. This thing can become absolutely irreplaceable. But let me warn you: it is assigned just for real thrifty men.

Are you intrigued? It is Handyman's Helper Magnetic Wristband. It may sound and look useless, but it is not like that.

I think that it really annoys when all those little metallic details are in different boxes, so while repairing something, you have a lot of boxes around you. Moreover, you have someone to help you by giving the necessary detail when you need..

Everything may change now. This Magnetic Wristband will hold all the small tools and metallic objects. You will be able to choose the details you need and put them into this helper. The first advantage is that you will have everything on your wrist. The second is that you will be able to manipulate your hands absolutely freely. The magnet is so strong that you can safely turn over your hand and make the necessary movements.

My advice for women is that this Handymans Helper can become a sweet and nice present for your men and a gentle hint and a cause at the same time to repair something at home. Have you dreamed for a long time to hang up a picture on the wall? The time has come!

But talking seriously, the real advantages of the Magnetic Wristband men will feel while working. It will be very handy while doing something on ladders, in crawlspaces, under cars, etc.

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