What can be thinner than Apple MacBook Air?

Jan 16, 2008

The main question is if the world's thinnest MacBook Air can include everything that a modern business person needs. Is it really functional?
At first it seemed that nothing new, fresh, unusual and exclusive in laptops' world can be invented. But here appeared MacBook Air.

At first, what really impresses is the fact that its weight is just 1.36 kg. But the fact that really shocks is that its thickness varies from .6 to .75-inch. It looks that this Apple MacBook Air can be a wonderful boon for people who highly appreciate both style and functionality of their laptops. Speaking about the functionality I would like to say that it is Apple. No more comments.

For comparison, imagine only that the thickest part of this Apple MacBook is thinner than the thinnest part of Sony TZ laptop.
The black keyboard is LED backlit. Exclusive feature of the laptop is its multitouch track pad that opens absolutely new possibilities for its user.

The creators guarantee like a self-evident fact that there will be no scratches on its surface and screen. Nice form, extraordinary design and, of course, its thinness are half of the battle.

So, generally, a lot of functions and incredible design of this masterpiece have already attracted a lot of attention. Personally I can't even imagine, how many talks and discussions it will cause in the nearest future.

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Feb 26, 2008 08:03 AM » posted by: Nelson

The design is awesome but if you look at the price, it is tremendously high compare to other mac laptop specification. you are buying the craftsmanship and design of the macbook air. Hope apple will adjust this product into a reasonable price, specially if you wanna get the SSD.

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