LiteOn - Device that Uses Kinetic Energy to Power Gadgets

Nov 12, 2010
A lot of gadgets today are being launched into the market and all of them require power.

This is the reason why some designers are working on devices that could help charge various gadgets using renewable energy.

One of such devices is called LiteOn and was developed by industrial designer Cindy Karimun. The LiteOn makes use of kinetic energy to collect clean electrical power.

The device was inspired by a droplet. It functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

LiteOn has a spring that the user winds by turning the base of the device. After fully wounding the spring, it is released so the device could start accumulating power.

Renewable energy is stored on an onboard battery, which then can be used to recharge various gadgets through USB port.

In addition, the LiteOn features 3 LED bulbs that not only make a beautiful lamp out of the device, but also inform the user of the charging level.

[via Coroflot]


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