LG Electronics to Present World's First 15-inch OLED TV

Sep 02, 2009
One of the biggest television manufacturers in the world, LG Electronics, recently announced that it is soon going to present its 15-inch OLED TV set. The Korean company made it announcement on August 30 in Seoul.

It claims that its new television set is currently world's largest commercial product that takes advantage of the organic process known as electrophosphorescence to produce an image.

The television screen features an active matrix of organic light emitting diodes (AM-OLED), which do not require backlighting since they are self-illuminating. It is worth mentioning that OLED screens are much thinner than other types of screens. They also use less power than LCDs.

In addition, the quality of the image from OLED technology is much higher compared to LCDs or plasma, due to that fact that OLED screens are brighter and boast greater contrast and improved refresh rates. Note that OLED screens are so thin that they can be flexible. Another advantage is that they have a wide viewing angle.

The Korean television manufacturer looks forward to start selling its OLED television set in Korea in November. The rest of the world will have the possibility to purchase the device next year. There have been rumors that in the near future LG plans to present a 40-inch OLED television.

The company will present its new OLED television in Berlin at one of the largest consumer electronics trade shows in the world, which will take pace in the period between September 4 and 9.


posted by: Gadgets Infoniac

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