Kellogg Furniture Presents the Striking Music Box for iPod and CDs

Apr 10, 2009
We simply couldn't pass by this incredible retro style music box for your favorite iPod and a number of discs. It was presented by the Kellogg Furniture and it is simply called Music Box.

It was specially developed to hold and charge an iPod and up to 32 CDs. It is worth noting that the outer box is made of walnut while the three inside are pearwood.

The four boxes are put together and the cover of the Music Box is frame-and-panel. The designer thought about making the insert for the iPod removable.


Dimensions: 24" x 12" x 8"
Materials: Walnut, Pear
Finish: Liberon Oil (Walnut), Shellac (Pear), Wax

More images on the box and how it was made you can find .


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