JOYSTICK-IT - Gaming Accessory for Touchscreen Tablets

Jan 06, 2011
Although various touchscreen tablets, such as the iPad, have gained huge popularity, especially among gamers, there seems to be a problem linked with games that need directional input.

Gamers find it difficult to use tablets for such games as for example PacMan due to the fact that it is easy to lose track of onscreen touch control pads.

At ThinkGeek you will be able to find a device that could solve the problem. Dubbed JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick, the accessory can be attached to the onscreen control pad and it turns into a physical joystick.

The JOYSTICK-IT is made of solid aluminum and it works without any wires or batteries. After you finished playing a game on you tablet you can easily remove the device or you can reposition it if you want to play another game.

According to ThinkGeek, the JOYSTICK-IT is suitable for virtually any tablet.

[via ThinkGeek]


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