It will be possible to operate computer by power of thought

May 13, 2008
The Russian scientists of Southern Federal University have made an outstanding elaboration of the systems of the mental computer control. For a certain period of time their colleagues from other cities are going to work out these programs and make deeper researches in order to create such system.

According to their opinion the system is going to work in the following way: special outfit should catch brain signals that go through the metal helmet with electrodes. The next step is that with the help of the signal enhancer, this signal should go to your computer.

Fist of all, this system is intended for disabled people. This novelty may help them to take part more appreciably in our modern life. Such people will have the possibility to write and receive e-mails and partly work on the computer.

The head of the Research Institute of Neurocybernetics says that this system is going to be the discovery of the future. It will be even possible to drive wheelchair by the mind power. By setting out clearly the thought command it will be so easy to operate the computer. For example, if the person imagines that he is moving the cursor of the mouse on the PC display, it will actually move.

These developments are very important for our modern society. They will give one more chance, one more life for disabled people on the one hand, and will open the new era in modern technologies on the other hand.


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