Top 3 of the latest iPod Stations.

Feb 05, 2008
A lot of iPod stations become more and more popular nowadays. It is very handy to listen to your favorite music via speakers at home or in the office. That's why let me present you the following 3 different iPod stations that will help you to enjoy perfect quality of the sound.

Number 3. At first, I'd like to write about a funny and stylish iPod speaker. Actually, it can't be called a station. But this gadget definitely has its own advantages. At first, you don't need any source of energy for it. The speaker runs off of iPods energy that is very important and comfortable.

This means you may listen to your iPod via speaker absolutely everywhere: during a trip, at home, or just outside. Speaking about the design, I have to say that the gadget is very compact and pretty. It looks like a part of Lego. It has the volume control, so you might not need any station. Such speaker can become a very nice and amazing accessory for your iPod.

Number 2. Now let's pass to a more perfected station. IPod HI-FI Audio System Speakers with Remote can become your irreplaceable gadget. A single device can give you a real pleasure while listening to music.

You might think that an iPod station has a lot of useless cables. You would be wrong. The space-saving design will change your opinion about this station. Stylish and laconic iPod Audio System Speakers will become your favorite gadget. It doesn't have any disadvantages, it is easy to use, and that's why I recommend it to you.

Number 1. And the first place takes one of the most modern iPod stations that will satisfy all your necessities. Your iPod will be charging while you are enjoying your favorite music. The included remote control gives you the possibility even not to get up in order to change the song or the volume.

Then, I want to mention that you may also listen to music from you mobile phone, PC or other devices via Bluetooth. The station has one more very handy feature - it also plays the music from flash cards and CDs. The gadget has an FM/AM tuner. What else do you need from your iPod station? Modern design and a lot of great functions make it perfect for use.

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Feb 12, 2008 09:11 PM » posted by: Andy

Number 3 runs of batteries it is the fact:) but about others I can't say:(

Feb 09, 2008 06:05 PM » posted by: chuck

does it run off bateries so you can take it to the beach.

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