New iPhone Cases that Also Play the Role of Game Controllers

Jan 06, 2013
Mobile gaming is increasingly becoming popular, with the number of users rising by the day. Probably the main obstacle lies in touch screen controls that are not always comfortable. Despite the fact that today there are devices like ControlPad and iCade that were made to solve the issue, these require the user to connect additional accessory.

Recently two Kickstarter projects were developed to make gaming on iPhone easier. Besides, these devices double as cases.


The minimalist design and concept is rather simple. The case resembles an Apple prototype. Instead of transmitting signals to the handset via Bluetooth, it transmits touch signals to the edge of the screen, which means no additional battery drain.

It is also worth mentioning that the case is reversible. When the user finished gaming, they can easily remove the case, flip it around, and leave the controls on the device's backside.


This device takes a more custom approach to input, by sending signals via Bluetooth. The design regarding the charging method comes from previous cases. With the help of Bluetooth 4.0 and rechargeable thin film batteries, the user can charge the device using solar energy.

But a case that requires constant sunlight may not be suitable for everyone. With this in mind designers from Flipside say that their iPhone case will also harness indirect sunlight and indoor lighting.

In addition, the developers also hope to increase the battery's longevity. According to them, the battery will still work 10 years from now.

Just like the previous case, this one is reversible, and can also play the role of a traditional case. The control pads on the case snap off, and stored on the device's backside.

Solving Problems with Compatibility

Both projects are in need of collaboration with game developers. However, today there's a myriad of games in the App Store.

[via Kickstarter [1] and [2]]


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