6 kinds of different interesting clock.

Feb 14, 2008

If you haven't found the funniest clock for your home or office yet, this article will help you to do it. The following top 6 is a piece of advice which clock to choose. All kinds of clock were designed for different people. I hope you will select something for yourself.

Number 6.
Visible Dual Gear Gadget Clock looks like a toy from your childhood. These are rather nice associations, don't you think? The gadget is a nice example of the clockwork for children.

The clock is multicolored and, actually, looks like a kid has already taken it to pieces. It may be called the two-in-one gadget: on the one hand it is pretty clock and on the other hand it is an educational toy.

Number 5.
Gear Alarm Clock is great in its own way. It has retro design. It will look perfectly in your room if you have some more gadgets looking the same. The clock has 2 old-fashioned bell strikers that will wake you up in the morning very quickly.

You may try to throw the clock away if its bells annoy you. It looks almost like the previous one - like it has already been thrown.

Number 4.
Analog Digital Clock is great for kids and teenagers. The clock has even more features than you expect from it. Its functions are not just to wake you up in the morning and show the exact time - it will also distract you.

Plug in play ability with the latest Microsoft and Macintosh OS's will help you to enjoy yourself. The good point is that there is nothing complicated with its work. You will easily find the USB port and have fun as long as you want. Thanks to the gadget's design, it will be very comfortable for you to have fun.

Number 3.
The Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock will definitely attract a lot of attention. You may say you had taken it from a survey. It shows the most exact time and looks funny and unusual at the same time.

Feel yourself a director of a film in the morning - clip the board just like you are beginning a film in order to switch off the alarm. Cheer yourself up from the beginning of the day.

Number 2.
12 Hour AM/PM Time Cube is really stylish and modern clock. It will be perfect for your office. Everyone will wonder what it is. The clock has unusual clock-hands. They look in the following way: a section of one of the corners has been divided into three separate rotating triangular slices that rotate around a central reference line.

These slices act as clock-hands. At first you will be able to understand the way the clock shows the time. So, thanks to such an outstanding and cool design the clock will take its honorable place at your home or in the office.

Number 1.
And the first place takes Large Screen Mini Digital Photo Frame with Alarm Clock. It means that you may wake up in the morning and see someone's pretty face on the screen. There can be put either your or your sweetheart's photo. It is so easy to upload your best photos and enjoy them.

As a bonus, the clock also has a calendar. The gadget has 2 MB of internal memory. It is not so much, but rather enough. The photos will be automatically resized to fit the screen. And as a result, it will be the greatest accessory for your room or office.

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Aug 23, 2010 06:38 AM » posted by: karewn

ohh!!!!those clocks are awesome....hope 1 day i'll have those clocks

Mar 27, 2010 12:01 AM » posted by: Sum 1

hey i like 1 of those clocks and i love to have a clock lol :)

Mar 26, 2010 11:55 PM » posted by: Unknown

hey man i want 1 of those kool clocks please

Aug 31, 2009 11:40 AM » posted by: Aniso

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Mar 16, 2008 09:52 PM » posted by: lol

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