Samsung Presents Two New Multitouch All In One PCs

Apr 06, 2010
Samsung has recently presented its brand new U250 and U200 multitouch all in one PCs.

The new models mark Samsung's entering in the market of multitouch PCs, which registered an evolution with the launch of Windows 7.

The company's U250 23-inch and U200 20-inch models can play HD video, with the U200 having a 1600×900 screen able to show 720p HD video.
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HOLO2.0 - Portable Computer and Fashionable Accessory

Mar 29, 2010
The French designer Elodie Delassus decided to mix fashion and high-tech and designed this nice concept entitled HOLO2.0, which not only looks trendy but provides its user access to the Internet as well.

One can wear the device around the wrist. HOLO is made using a special bioplastic material that is flexible, non-allergic and heat resistant, which means that it is suitable for each and everyone.
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Mythos XTR-50 - The Thinnest Loudspeakers in the World

Mar 25, 2010
Definitive Technology presented its new loudspeakers. According to the company, Mythos XTR-50 is the thinnest high-performance home theater loudspeakers in the world.

Their design allows you to install them on the wall next to your high-resolution TV.

The 1.5-inch-thick loudspeakers not only look nice, but also add quality sound to your flat panel TV.
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HTC Evo 4G - the Fastest Phone to Hit the US Market This Summer

Mar 24, 2010
HTC announced about its first 4G handset, which is expected to hit the US market this summer, although no concrete date has be stated yet.

Entitled HTC Evo 4G, the smartphone will be able to register speeds close to that of a landline broadband connection.

The device will feature a whooping 8 megapixel shooter and a 1.3 megapixel camera for video chatting. Evo 4G is expected to work superfast without any lagging. This is because the Taiwanese company decided to install 512MB RAM.
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Kodak Playsport - Shockproof, Waterproof, Compact HD Camera

Mar 22, 2010
Recently Kodak announced about its idea to penetrate the "actioncam" market. The company presented its brand new compact, shockproof and waterproof HD Playsport video camera.

The new camera from Kodak records in full 1080p HD. In addition, Playsport is 3 meters (10 feet) waterproof. It boasts electronic image stabilization and a color LCD viewfinder/playback screen.
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Charge Your Cell Phone Using the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Mar 19, 2010
This device, dubbed Universal Gadget Wrist Charger, is a very convenient tool for charging your cell phone or portable gaming console.

It is easy to carry around - all you have to do is attach it to your wrist like a wristwatch.

The device features a 1500 mAh, 5.5V lithium ion battery. You connect the Wrist Charger to a device using a USB port.

The list of handheld gadgets you can recharge using this device includes: iPhone, Nokia I (3.5mm), Nokia II (2mm), LG, Motoroloa, HTC, Dopod, Samsung i900 and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
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Muzatch Presents Its First Solar Charger for Laptops

Mar 19, 2010
Muzatch, a US solar and digital communications technologies company, came up with this renewable energy charger for laptops.

The device is called MZH-SP-6500 /SP-6000 and one of its main features is the smart adaptable technology that allows adjusting different voltage and electric currents.

Besides laptops, the solar charger can be used to charge other portable devices, storing power on a built-in lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 12,000mAh.
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New Wind U160 Laptop from MSI Has 15-Hour Battery Life

Mar 11, 2010
One of the most important things in a laptop is battery life. With this in mind MSI decided to launch its new device called Wind U160, a laptop that has new Pine Trail platform powered by Atom N450 processor from Intel.

Boasting a 10-inch backlit LED display, the new laptop from MSI features a 15-hour battery life (if you run the device in ECO mode).
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T3 Multi-Touch Coffee Table from Digital Touch

Mar 10, 2010
The T3-B table, developed by Digital Touch, represents a coffee table that features a built-in 26-inch LCD and which allows people to interact with a variety of options available on the display.

The multi-touch table also boasts an orientation switch that allows a person to view content regardless of his or her position at the table. The device is available in two different colors and supports dual touch.
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Acer to Launch Ultra Thin Notebook Featuring Touch Keyboard

Mar 09, 2010
The famous Taiwan-based computer company, Acer, has recently announced about its plans to launch a brand new ultra-thin notebook which will include a touch keyboard. The new device from Acer is expected to be without any frame around the display.

The colors will be printed right onto the back of the display's glass substrate developed by Corning Incorporated, the world's leading company in terms of specialty glass and ceramics production.
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Sleek-Looking Electric Coffee Machine from Brazilian Designer

Mar 05, 2010
Francis Ken Nakagawa, a product design student from the Instituto Europeo di Design located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, came up with this futuristic electric coffee machine, which might as well compete with the famous Nespresso machines.

The Electric Coffee Machine represents a mix of traditional and contemporary elements that can surely improve one's brewing experience.
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Rugged Joos Orange Solar Charger that Functions Even Under Water

Mar 05, 2010
A company from California has recently presented one of its latest inventions - a solar charger that can charge various gadgets via a USB port even in low-light conditions.

According to Solar Components LLC, its Joos Orange, can generate up to 20 times more power compared to other solar gadgets.

When fully charged, the device can charge 6 standard cell phones or 4 smartphones.
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Flat Devices from the Cool Leaf Series Boast Sleek, Shiny Design

Mar 04, 2010
These sleek input gadgets from Minebea were developed together with Professor Kazuo Kawasaki. The devices are part of the company's new Cool Leaf series, which features a keyboard, a remote control and a calculator.

All of these new devices boast flat acrylic mirrored surfaces that have a capacitive touch panel.
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Sidewinder - Touchscreen Watch Phone with Multi-Touch Tech

Mar 01, 2010
As you may have already noticed, this is a touchscreen wrist phone. It was designed by Susan Cho, whose idea was to create a multi-touch cell phone that a person could wear on his or her wrist.

This might be the next stage in technological development but currently, unfortunately, the multi-touch technology has not reach the phase in which it could be used in a device with such a small interface.
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Android-Powered Tablet from Haleron

Mar 01, 2010
In attempt to push Apple's iPad aside, Haleron has recently unveiled its Android-powered iLet Mini HAL tablet with a TFT LCD touchscreen that has a resolution of 800x480 and a VIA 600 MHz processor.

BestTabletReview says that the new 7-inch tablet also boasts 128MB of DDR2 RAM and a 2GB flash internal drive.
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Touch-Sensitive Keyboard from Cleankeys Makes You Healthier

Feb 26, 2010
The germiest places a person most often gets in contact with are the keyboard, the computer mouse and the kitchen table, but I'm going to talk about the first one - the keyboard.

Cleankeys is a company that designed this touch-sensitive ergonomic keyboard, which, besides making your work on the computer more efficient, plays a role in making your work healthier.
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Landport Unveils Solar-Powered Speakers

Feb 26, 2010
A company called Landport Japan has recently presented its new speakers that feature solar panels to make use of solar energy.

Landport did not think much about the name - it called its new device plane and clear - Solar Speakers. The solar panels are used to harvest solar energy which is stored on an onboard lithium-ion battery.
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Philips Unveils New Sound Systems With HDD and Internet Connectivity

Feb 25, 2010
These two stereo sound systems were created by Philips' Spanish design team. Both the "MCi900" and the "MCD900" are made of a single piece of aluminum.

The design of the two devices allows them to generate a more natural sound.

Both sound systems have a built-in CD player and USB socket. In addition, they feature a pair of speakers, 100 watts of amplification, as well as free floating tweeters.
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Samsung Presents Two New Camcorders - HMX-U20 and HMX-U15

Feb 23, 2010
A new generation of camcorders was recently presented by Samsung. The tech giant's two new devices are HMX-U20 and HMX-U15. Both have 2-inch LCD screens and can capture 1920x1080 HD video at 30fps. The HMX-U20 model boasts an additional 3x optic zoon feature.

The two camcorders are rather slim and record to SDHC cards. They have a built-in USB unit that allows an easy upload of videos and pictures.
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HTC Launches New Smartphones - Desire, Legend and HD Mini

Feb 18, 2010
HTC, the company that recently made its Nexus One phone one of the most talked about handsets on the Internet, has recently unveiled three new smartphones. One of them is called Desire, which by the way looks a lot like the Nexus One.

The new handset from HTC runs on Android 2.1 and features a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5Mpx camera and its heart is the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.
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