Canon VIXIA HF M32 - New Dual Memory Camcorder from Canon

Jul 14, 2010
Canon has launched its latest camcorder from the VIXIA line, which in Europe is known as Legria. Canon HF M32 is a dual memory camcorder.

It represents an easy-to-use instrument for making movies.

With Canon's latest device you can record high-quality HD video for hours.

The device boasts 64GB of internal flash memory and can record up to 24 hours of high-definition video.
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Mimo Presents iMo Monster - Large 10-inch Touscreen Monitor

Jul 13, 2010
The popular secondary display company called Mimo has recently presented its latest gadget - a USB monitor called iMo Monster.

The company's new device has a 10-inch touchscreen display that boasts a 1,024 x 600 resolution panel.

Mimo's device weights only 1.77 pounds. It also supports both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
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Germany's Sterrix Technologies Builds OLED 3D Auto Stereoscopic Display

Jul 08, 2010
Today a lot of tech companies are preparing to launch 3D displays, but Sterrix Technologies, a company based in Germany, went even further.

It filed a series of patent for 3D auto stereoscopic display based on the OLED technology.

It is worth mentioning that the images shown on this display have a resolution 100 times higher than the high-definition images. In addition, you can view the images without special 3D glasses.
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Top 10 Hottest Gadget Girls - Part III

Jul 06, 2010
Welcome to another list of top 10 sexiest girls that were noticed either in an ad campaign of a certain device or at booths during a tech expo.

In the comment section after the article you may express your opinion on which girl(s) is/are the hottest, but it is more likely that you wouldn't mind "talking about gadgets" which more than one girl from the images below.
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Cisco Presents New Business Tablet PC Powered by Android

Jun 30, 2010
Cisco decided to launch its new business tablet PC running Google's Android.

Weighting only 1.15lbs, the company's device is called Cius and it supports telepresence interoperability, HD video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging, browsing and more.

The new tablet PC from Cisco will also provide a number of new features for corporate users, at the same time allowing businesses take part in the expanding Android market.
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Texas Instruments Presents Blaze Tablet

Jun 28, 2010
A company called Texas Instruments recently presented its latest gadget - a tablet called Blaze.

The company's new device includes a 1GHz OMAP4 chip, which is meant to increase software compatibility.

The tablet boasts a 10.4-inch XVGA LCD multitouch display, with a 1024 x 768 resolution that features a cellular modem, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and FM connectivity. There's also HDMI, SD card and USB ports for connectivity.
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Maingear eX-L 17 - Powerful Notebook for Gamers

Jun 25, 2010
Maingear recently launched its new device called Maingear eX-L 17, which is a 17-inch notebook that boasts very powerful features, including powerful processor and graphics.

Like the majority of the company's laptops, this gadget is an ideal tool for PC gamers and creative professionals.

It is likely that the Maingear eX-L 17 will become popular on the market, mainly due to the fact that today there's a high demand in computers with very powerful components.
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Toshiba Libretto W100 - Ultra-Portable Netbook with Two Touchscreens

Jun 24, 2010
The tech giant Toshiba has recently unveiled the images of its new gadget called Libretto W100, which is an ultra mobile computer with two 7-inch LCD touchscreens.

When you open the computer its two screens can be used as one. Each screen can be used to surf through different applications.

In addition, you can use one display as a virtual keyboard.
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Thanko Presents UDGZDC8M - Device that Combines Binoculars and Digital Camera

Jun 21, 2010
One of the most popular gadget developers in Japan, Thanko, recently unveiled a device called sophisticatedly UDGZDC8M, which combines binoculars and digital camera.

The gadget boasts a 4x digital zoom (8x zoom for binoculars). You can expand its memory using an SD/MMC card, with the device supporting up to 16GB.
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Chobi Cam WP - Smallest Waterproof Camera for Shooting Video and Photos at 20m

Jun 17, 2010
It is always great to have a camera which you can use to explore the wonders sea or simply to register interesting moments during a dive.

However, it is rather complicated to swim when you hold a camera in your hands, which is why this Chobi Cam WP was invented.

The camera is about the size of a cigarette lighter. When you enclose the cam in a special GoPro-style case, it becomes waterproof up to 20 meters.
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Nokia X5 Officially Launched in Singapore

Jun 14, 2010
Singapore has recently witnessed the launch of the new Nokia X5 cell phone.

Although the device does not boast a very appealing design, the company is expecting to register good sales of its latest handset.

It would be interesting to note that the current X5 model is the second X5 from Nokia, with the first one being launched in April in China.
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Orange Power Wellies - Generates Electricity by Making Use of Heat from Feet

Jun 09, 2010
Orange teamed up with GotWind to develop the Orange Power Wellies.

The company's new eco-friendly device can produce electricity by harnessing the heat from your feet. The generated power is then used to charge cell phones.

In order to obtain power for an hour of talk time on your phone, you will need to stomp in these Orange Power Wellies for about 12 hours.
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Top 10 Most Popular Cell Phones

Jun 09, 2010
For the last couple of years the cell phone market registered a huge expansion, bringing new, advanced technologies into our lives.

Among the myriad of cell phone models available today, there is a category that includes the most popular handsets on the market today.

This is the list of some of the most sold cell phones today.
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Motorola Milestone XT720 - New Smartphone with 8 Megapixel Camera and Xenon Flash

Jun 07, 2010
The latest handset from Motorola is called Milestone XT720 and its most impressive feature is the 8 megapixel camera able to shoot high-definition 720p / 24fps video.

In addition, the new smartphone from Motorola is the first Android-running phone that boasts a xenon flash. The camera also has a 10x digital zoom.

When launched, Motorola Milestone XT720 will include Android 2.1.
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Samsung Officially Reveals the Picture of Its Galaxy Tablet

Jun 04, 2010
Finally Samsung officially presented the image of its new seven-inch Galaxy-class tablet.

The picture of the company's latest device was posted on Samsung's South African Twitter Feed.

It was posted along with another Tweet saying that the new tablet will have a high-resolution TFT screen and a standard 3.5mm jack.
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Samsung Presents USB-powered 18.5-inch Display

Jun 02, 2010
Samsung managed to present a number of great devices at the SID 2010 conference and one of them is the 18.5-inch LCD display.

This is a gadget of the next generation since previously similar devices did not exceed the 7-inches limit.

Not only is the new LCD display from Samsung bigger than other devices from the same category, it is also more environmentally-friendly, registering lower energy consumption.
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AIPTEK Unveils World's First 3D HD-DV Cameras

May 28, 2010
AIPTEK has recently presented the world's first 3D HD-DV cameras.

It would be interesting to note that the company already managed to launch a number of products that incorporate 3D technology.

Some of the AIPTEC products include a 3D webcam and 3D digital photo frame. Now it launches the 3D HD-DV cameras.
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Aeolus Phone - Handset that Harnesses Wind and Solar Energy

May 27, 2010
Industrial designer Cyrene Quiamco is the person who designed this interesting cell phone concept called the Aeolus Phone.

The phone can be recharged wherever you are because it uses renewable energy.

In order to charge the battery, the handset harnesses solar and wind energy.
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Momentus XT - Hybrid Drive from Seagate

May 26, 2010
Seagate unveiled its new hybrid solid state/hard drive, which, according to the company, is the world's fastest 2.5 inch laptop PC drive.

Dubbed Momentus XT, the device boasts a long list of advantages, including a very high speed and resistance to shock damages.

Due to the fact that solid state drives (SSD) are extremely expensive, Seagate decided to create a hybrid drive, which would have the speed near to that of an SSD but at a price of an HDD.
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Pandigital Unveils Cheap Multimedia eReader

May 25, 2010
Pandigitial has recently unveiled its new 7-inch multimedia Android-running eReader that one can acquire for just $ 200.

Measuring 5.5" (w) x 7.5" (h) x 0.5" (d) and weighting 16 ounces, the eReader has an ARM 11 mobile processor, TFT LCD touch-screen display, Wi-Fi and Web browser.

In addition, users will be able to access the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. The intuitive UI provide an easy and accurate control and navigation.
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