Android-Powered Samsung Galaxy Tab Confirmed

Aug 26, 2010
Finally Samsung has officially confirmed its new Samsung Galaxy Tab, so far the only seven inch Android-powered tablet that can compete with the iPad.

The dedicated Galaxy Tab website features a teaser video on the new device from Samsung that confirms the company's new tablet that runs Android.

In the video you can see some of the features of the new tablet, including Swype text entry, a myriad of applications, HD video, e-book reading, augmented reality and video chatting.
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Sony Ericsson to Launch PSP Go-like Smartphone Powered by Android 3.0

Aug 25, 2010
Rumors say that Sony Ericsson is currently working on a PSP Go-like smartphone that will be powered by Gingerbread (Android 3.0) gaming platform.

The slider phone looks like a fusion between Samsung Captivate and the PSP Go and the main target audience is the gaming fans.

It would be interesting to note that the new device from Sony Ericsson will include a WVGA resolution touchscreen display that will be between 3.7 and 4.1 inches. In addition, the handset will feature a landscape slide out game control panel.
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Pocketbook to Launch Five New Android-Powered E-Book Readers

Aug 24, 2010
Pocketbook decided to launch new colorful e-book readers. Recently the company unveiled its new e-book readers that are going to be officially presented at the IFA 2010.

The five devices, which are Pocketbook Pro 602, Pro 603, Pro 902 and Pro 903, run Linux.

You will also be able to benefit from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
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MP-5010 - World's Smallest 1080p Media Player from Amex Digital

Aug 20, 2010
Amex Digital has revealed its new 1080p media player, called MP-501.

The company claims that its new device is the world's smallest 1080p media player.

The player includes a SD/SDHC Card slot, two USB ports, HDMI output and an ARM 9 A8 Full HD engine.

It is worth mentioning that it is this engine that allows the small device to support nearly all known audio, video and photo formats.
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Inspiron M101z - Dell's New Compact, Lightweight Laptop

Aug 17, 2010
The new notebook presented by Dell boasts netbook-like size and is ultra-lightweight. The Inspiron M101z 11.6-inch laptop weight less than 4 pounds. The 11.6-inch widescreen LCD display has a resolution of 1366 x 768.

Its heart is a fast Single Core AMD Athlon II Neo K125 processorthat runs at 1.7GHz.

The standard 6-cell battery can power the device for more than 6h 30min. You will also find a full-width keyboard, Bluetooth 3.0 and 3 USB 2.0 ports.
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Samsung BD-C8000 - World's First 3D Full HD Portable Blu-ray Player

Aug 13, 2010
Another device featuring 3D technology has been recently presented by Samsung.

The South Korean company unveiled Samsung BD-C8000, a new Blu-ray player that is not only not only portable, but also is the world's first and so far only 3D-capable Blu-ray player.

The player runs videos at 1080p resolution. Besides, you can connect it with the 3D TV using an HDMI cable that comes with the device.
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Samsung UN65C8000 is the World's Largest Full HD 3D LED TV

Aug 13, 2010
The South Korean tech company Samsung is surely the largest manufacturer of 3D LED TVs and recently it once again proved that.

The list of its tree-dimensional television sets was complemented by UN65C8000, a 65-inches Full HD 3D LED TV, which was recently unveiled at a press event that was organized to announce the company's Free the TV Developer Challenge.

Having a 65-inch dynamic display that provides 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the company's new device is the world's largest Full HD 3D LED TV.
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Videotel V2200 DVD Player Can Run 24 Hours a Day for Years

Aug 12, 2010
Videotel V2200 DVD Player from Videotel is not just an ordinary DVD player - its most impressive feature is the ability to run 24 hours a day for five years.

The device comes with an 18 months warranty.

It can auto start, skip unwanted commercials and menus and features an auto repeat function.
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New Xperia X10 from Sony with 1GHz Processor and 8GB Onboard Memory

Aug 10, 2010
New Android-powered Xperia X10 smartphone has been recently launched by Sony.

The handset features a 4-inch display and its heart is the fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

Sony Xperia X10 boasts an 8.1 megapixel camera (with LED flash) that features a number of useful functions such as smile detection, face recognition and autofocus.
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World's Smallest PC from Stealth Outperforms Some Desktop Computers

Aug 05, 2010
Stealth has recently presented its ultra compact PC called LPC-100. The device is so small it can fit in your palm.

The company claims that its PC can outperform a number of desktop and mobile computers that are available on the market today.

The LPC-100 boasts up to 2.53GHz of processing power. The basic configuration of LPC-100 comes with a 160GB SATA hard drive, but the company offers an HDD with a capacity of 500GB as optional upgrade.
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New 3D Smartphone from Sharp to Be Launched Soon

Aug 04, 2010
Japan's Sharp Corp looks forward to take on the iPhone by the end of 2010, when the company hopes to launch a smartphone that boasts a 3D panel which the user can view without special glasses.

In addition, according to the company's spokeswoman, Sharp's new smartphone will include a 3D capable camera.

It would be interesting to note that despite the fact that Sharp is the leading company in Japan in terms of cell phone sales, it did not manage to register a fast growth on the smartphone market.
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Samsung Launches New High-Definition Camcorder and Wi-Fi Camera

Jul 30, 2010
Recently Samsung has presented two brand new photography devices.

Its first gadget is an HD camcorder called HMX-E10 and the second product is a Wi-Fi digital camera called ST80.

In the image below you can see the company's high-definition camcorder that captures video at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 at 30 frames per second.

Besides, you can use the camcorder to make 8-megapixel photos.
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Panasonic Unveils world's First 3D Camcorder

Jul 29, 2010
Panasonic has recently presented its new device - a camcorder able to record in 3D.

The model is called HDC-SDT750 and in order to film in 3D it makes use of a sophisticated double lens, with the lenses being located side by side.

The spokesman for Panasonic, Barnaby Sykes, mentioned that the camcorder acts similar to a human's brain, converging two images together to make one three-dimensional picture.
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JVC Presents iPhone and iPad Dock with Surround Sound Speakers

Jul 28, 2010
With a continuously increasing popularity of Apple's gadgets, including the iPhone and iPad, a lot of manufacturers carry on creating various speakers and docks that would be compatible with Apple's devices.

One of such manufacturers is JVC, which presented its dock station called the UX-FH7 Compact Stereo.

The device features two slots - one for the iPhone and the other one for the iPad.
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Asus Launches U33 and U53 Notebooks from Its Eco-Friendly Bamboo Series

Jul 22, 2010
Asus has presented its brand new notebooks from the Bamboo series.

The two models are called U53 and U33 and both were made using hybrid engine technology.

It would be interesting to note that such technology allows the computer to show high performance when required and go easy when necessary, thus cutting the level of power consumption.
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TRENDnet Launches USB 3.0 Adapters for Laptops and PCs

Jul 21, 2010
Although USB 3.0 is already available, a lot of people are still using somewhat older computers.

In order to benefit from the speeds of up to 4.8Gbps, TRENDnet launched a USB3.0 adapter with a 2 port Express Card Module (TU3-H2EC) for laptop computers and 2 port PCI-Express adaptor (TU3-H2PIE) for desktops.

It is worth mentioning that the new USB3.0 adapter can be plugged into any Express Card slot on your Windows-running laptop.
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Motorola i1 - New Smartphone for Business and Entertainment

Jul 20, 2010
Motorola i1 is a new handset powered Android.

The smartphone has solid body construction and a number of features that allow it to resist in tough conditions. The phone was built to resist against dust, shock, vibration and blowing rain.

The smartphone also boasts a list of business and entertainment features, including Scan2PDF Mobile 2.0, Unit Converter, ConvertPad, RealCalc Scientific Calculator, Facebook and Twitter.
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Samsung Launches Galaxy Beam Smart Projector Phone in Singapore

Jul 19, 2010
Starting July 17th, the customers of Singapore's StarHub will have the possibility to acquire the new Galaxy Beam Smart Projector Phone from Samsung.

It is worth mentioning that the device includes a built-in Texas Instruments DLP Pico Projector that will allow you to project pictures and videos onto any flat surface.

In addition, the unit boasts a myriad of features, including Offline and No SIM modes, Hand Writing Recognition (English and Simplified Chinese), RSS Reader and Mobile Widgets.
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Acer Launches New S1 Series LCD Displays - World's Thinnest

Jul 17, 2010
This week the famous Taiwan-based tech company Acer has announced the launch of its new S1 Series LCD displays the diagonal of which ranges between 18.5 inches and 23 inches.

An impressive feature is the thickness of the new full HD LCDs, measuring from 13mm to 15mm.

The S1 Series includes four models that provide a contrast ration of 12,000,000:1 along with a 5ms response time.
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Sony Launches NEX-VG10 - World's First High-Def Camcorder with Interchangeable Lens

Jul 15, 2010
Recently the tech giant Sony presented its latest device called NEX-VG10, which the company claims is the first interchangeable lens HD camcorder in the world.

Besides being the world's first consumer camcorder that boasts interchangeable lenses, the device is the first of its kind to include an extra-large Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor (the same used in the NEX-3 and NEX-5 digital cameras).
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