Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot - a WiFi Camera

Jan 14, 2009
Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot Recently Sony presented its amazing 10.1 megapixel camera. The device is really great no only because it was created by Sony but also because it can be directly connected to the Internet without any aid from a computer of a mobile phone.

While at hone you simply plug your Internet connection into Sony's DSC-G3 Cybershot, while on the road you can use the AT&T WiFi or any other WiFi spot to open your Sony home page. After logging in you are free to send your images and/or videos to one or a number of different website, including YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, Shutterfly and DailyMotion. You may also consider sending note to your friends, letting them know that you have uploaded new stuff.
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GPS Child Locator Allows Parents See the Current Location of Their Kids

Jan 13, 2009
GPS Child Locator A British technology company developed an electronic babysitter. The gadget looks like a wristwatch and with its help parents will always know where their offspring are at all times.

According to Matthew Salmon, a spokesman for lok8u, company that invented the GPS Child Locator, or num8, the device features a Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS has an accuracy of about 3 meters, the spokesman said. The num8 activates only when it is attached to the wrist and it is extremely complicated to get it off.
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MOTO Concept Phone

Dec 02, 2008
MOTO Concept Phone The unusual concept phone from designer Joseph Liagn appeared in a very auspicious moment - when the brand Motorola cut its serial manufacture.

Unfortunately this gadgets will not appear on the market. This concept phone could help this company to rise its rating.
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4040 - Attractive Media Player From Energy Sistem

Dec 02, 2008
Energy Sistem Company, which presented a lot of MP3 and media players, presented the latest novice on a recent day. It grooves by balance between price and quality. New media player 4040 Touch has 2,8" QVGA touch-sensitive display.

But it is not the last feature it has.
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Motorola Hint QA30 - Official Release

Dec 01, 2008
After the rumors which where running through the network last couple of days, Motorola oficially presented its new phone, its full name is Motorola Hint QA30.

Most of his opportunities coincided with the already known earlier, however, a complete list, as well as official photographs you will find below.
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Digital Photo Frame Intouch IT7150 With Multi-Touch Support

Nov 21, 2008
Digital Photo Frame Intouch IT7150 With Multi-Touch Support As multi-touch technology appeared, it is used everywhere it is possible: laptops, GPS devices, mobile phones and this list of devices isn't full. Photo frames are not an exception.
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HP TouchSmart TX2 - tablet PC with multi-touch support

Nov 20, 2008
Hewlett-Packard presented tablet PC TouchSmart TX2 with a multi-touch support. As iPhone screen, display TouchSmart TX2 is based on capacitive touchscreen technology. But it recognizes only stylus or finger.
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All in One - New Multifunctional Gadget

Nov 19, 2008
All in One - New Multifunctional Gadget New multifunctional gadget was presented to the public. Now, this gadget with extremely unusual design represents a combination of digital photoframe, web camera, alarm clock and thermometer.
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TV Tuner And USB Drive From Buffalo

Nov 18, 2008
TV Tuner And USB Drive From Buffalo
Many people, whose life is related closely to computes, sometimes have no time to watch TV. But actually there is no need for this. All necessary new we can get threw internet. Nevertheless, Buffalo - the Japan company presented a new gadget.
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2 IN 1 Gadget From Keian Japan

Nov 15, 2008
2 IN 1 Gadget From Keian Japan
Have You ever seen Digital photo frame that print images not only on displpay? The company Keian Japan designed an interesting device "2 IN 1" -digital photo frame and photo printer.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Canon PowerShot A590IS

Nov 11, 2008
I own a DSLR and consider myself a photography enthusiast. I wanted a small compact camera with me when I don't want to lug around my DSLR + lenses and equipment. After a previous good experience with the Canon A720 IS, the new A590 IS seemed like a good choice. Since I'm an advanced photographer, I'll focus on the advanced features of this camera. The auto modes work as well as any other camera in its class, but the extensive manual features is what sets apart the Canon A series.

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Asus EEE PC - Small Pleasure

Oct 26, 2008
The choice of ASUS Eee PC models keeps getting larger, and the company shows little sign of stopping until theres a netbook variant for every individual person on the planet.

On the SlashGear desk today is the Eee PC 1000HA, part of the companys largest 1000-series netbooks but coming in at the relatively bargain price of 9.99. Could this be the best balance of budget and functionality to date?
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Spark - Budget Laptop For Students

Oct 22, 2008
Spark - A Budeget Laptop For Students Design company IDEO and Training Technology Project Inkwell suggested the concept of school laptop for students under the age of 12.

According to the company IDEO, it is intended to "significant increase in the size and effectiveness of educational technology market".
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Tokyo Flash Pimpin Watches For Men

Oct 12, 2008
Tokyo Flash Pimpin Watches For Men Tokyo Flash makes timepieces like no other, and its original Pimpin stainless steel LED watch will accessorize your modern couture with a touch of futuristic design.

The face of the watch has six vertical rows of orange LED lights that show the current time, with the left-most vertical row indicating hours (with an Arabic numeral scale going from 1 to 12 along the side).
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Touch HD From HTC

Sep 16, 2008
Touch HD From HTC The official site of HTC presented photos and specifications of the new conceptual smartphone HTC Touch HD. Ofcourse, we'll never see the real HD in smartphone, however, large 480 x 800 WVGA touchscreen (3.8 inches) - an excellent option for portable gadgets.
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Laptop Concept Fujitsu 23/6 From Antenna Design

Aug 21, 2008
Laptop Concept Fujitsu 23/6 From Antenna Design Mobile PC Fujitsu 23 / 6 is a device that supports work with wireless protocols, high capacity, processing information, it is equipped with all necessary multimedia tools, operating system of Windows family.
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Toyota announced The Winglet - Personal Transporter

Aug 10, 2008
Toyota announced The Winglet - Personal Transporter. Only a year after taking control of Sony's robotics business, Toyota announced a mechanized vertical scooter. This personal transporter was intended to help people move about in public areas.
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New Zen Crystal From Creative

Aug 05, 2008
New Zen Crystal From Creative What MP3 players were not emerged over the past few years - many different sizes, colors, styles, with unusual functions and capabilities. Creative, like Apple, known for its ruler popular MP3-player. Recently added to the remaining and new model - Zen Krystal.
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MackBook Touch From Apple. Is it real?

Jul 29, 2008
MackBook Touch From Apple. Is it real? One more portion of rumours prepared Apple. In the Internet were posted photos allegedly developed tablet versions of branded Laptop MacBook. Perhaps he will be called MacBook Touch, or something like.
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8-Inch Portable DVD Player From Sony

Jul 21, 2008
DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Player Watch movies anytime and anywhere you want with Sony's amazing DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Player. With a 6-hour battery life, an 8" high-resolution swivel screen that provides a clear and crisp picture from any angle, 2 headphone jacks for sharing, and a car adapter that ensures your movies outlast even the longest road trip.
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