Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Action Figures

Feb 14, 2009
Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Action Figures The UK-based collectable toy store that specializes in collectables and action figures such as Hasbro Transformers, Star Wars, Terminator and more, Kapow Toys, has recently got a copy of the product characteristics of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline. The details of the new Transformers toyline can give some information on what Transformers fans can expect from the second part of the blockbuster.
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iPhone 4G and iPhone 4G Concept

Feb 10, 2009
iPhone 4G Concept The magnificent concept phone from Apple attracts with its curves that were inspired from the company's popular MacBook Air. The design of iPhone 4G concept is probably better than the iPhone 4G but that's a strictly subjective point of view.

It seems that people are very excited with the fact that they can participate in videoconferencing through this device. In addition, they are free to interact with desktop videoconferencing software that the user can install on both PC and Mac.
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Good-looking Cell Phones for Ladies

Feb 10, 2009
Sony Ericsson C930 Cybershot As February 14th approaches, it would probably be interesting to take a look at some of the cell phones that are quite likely to impress your lady on Valentine's Day. Surely women appreciate a cell phone (and other stuff) by its look, shape and design rather than its functionality, but men are those who highly appreciate the additional advantages of a cell phone. Here's a small collection of cell phones, some of which feature an appealing design, others, however, may impress with their functionality, but each one of them will less likely remain unnoticed so check'em out.
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External Optical Drive from ASUS

Feb 04, 2009
ASUS External Optical Drive ASUS recently presented its External Slim SDRW-08D1S-U, which aims to attract more users with its elegant stand design. It features a glossy appearance and represents a mix of style and high-speed information access technology with its pretty looking vertical external DVD burner.

The user-friendly interface of the device makes the process of burning disks much easier. Users only have to drag and drop information into the thumbnail layout when burning docs and multimedia files into a new disk.
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Transcend Announces 192GB High-Speed SSD

Feb 04, 2009
Transcend 192GB High-Speed SSD The Taiwan-based international high-tech company, Transcend, recently presented its brand new 192GB high-speed 2.5-inch Solid State Drive (SSD).

With a powerful new controller, the company's MLC-equipped 192GB SSD registers far better abilities than the common 2.5-inch hard drives, being able to bring outstanding continuous read/write speeds of up to 150MB / 90MB per second, which makes it possible to safely transfer files of any size.
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ASUS Presents Its Power-Efficient Eee PC 1000HE

Feb 04, 2009
ASUS Eee PC 1000HE The popular Taiwan-based multinational company ASUS recently announce the launch of its 10-inch Eee PC netbook that incorporates an Atom N280 Processor (1.66GHz, 667MHz) along with a six-cell battery of high capacity.

The netbook is equipped with 170GB of Hybrid Storage composed of 160GB of internal HDD and 10GB of file-encrypted Eee Online Storage.
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New Motorola ZN300 - Images Leaked

Feb 03, 2009
Motorola ZN300 Previously there were a lot of rumors regarding the new Motorola handset, which was unofficially named ZN300.

Recently the image of the mobile phone itself was revealed online. The image is somewhat blurry due to the fact that there is still skepticism around its authenticity.

Nevertheless, a lot of online sources wrote that the new Motorola features a 240 by 320 pixels display and 3 megapixel camera.

There is still no information regarding the connectivity features of the ZN300. However, it is known that the mobile phone runs the Opera browser.
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Most Impressive Gadgets from CES 2009

Feb 02, 2009
Livescribe Pulse Smartpenn The 31st International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas brought an enormous number of latest inventions. A wide range of gadgets, some of which are rather useful while others are of little use but still quite fancy, have been presented and some of them are definitely worth mentioning. Based on the subjective point of view here are some of the coolest gadgets in the show.
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Panasonic Presents 3DFHD Plasma Home Theater System

Jan 29, 2009
Panasonic 3DFHD Plasma Home Theater System With the belief that 3D TV technologies will be the next step in the industry, Panasonic presented the world's first 3D Full HD (3DFHD) Plasma Home Theater System. The company's new technological wonder was shown at CEATEC JAPAN 2008 back in October 2008. In the United States the 3DFHD Plasma Home Theater System was presented at CES 2009.

The 3D FHD system, developed by Panasonic, features a 103-inch Plasma HDTV along with a Blu-ray Disc player that plays disks onto which 3D video are recorded. The 3D video consists of 1080p Full HD pictures. It is worth mentioning that the full HD processing takes place on the left- and right-sided 3D image during each process, starting with the recording, playback and display.
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Indestructible 2009 Camcorders from Panasonic

Jan 27, 2009
Panasonic SDR-SW21 The first device from Panasonic was developed for those whose love to experience extreme conditions and enjoy recording on video during a rough trip. The new compact camcorder from Panasonic is called SDR-SW21. Its most impressive advantages are: it's dustproof; it's waterproof (up to 6.5 feet) in fresh and salt water; it's shockproof (it will work perfectly if you accidentally drop it from a 4-foot height).

Panasonic SDR-SW21 can record to SD/SDHC Memory Cards. It also features a 0.6 second quick start. The company will release its new gadget in April 2009 and its price is expected to be 0.
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Wacom Launches 19-inch the PL-900 Graphic Tablet

Jan 26, 2009
Wacom PL-900 Graphic Tablet A lot of interest among graphic artists has always been linked to graphic tablets (or what these are usually called pen tablets). These gadgets are usually developed for a rather small target market, so the interest among general public often fades away quickly.

Recently, however, Wacom introduced a new pen display, dubbed PL-900, which might have the charisma to maintain a high level of interest among users. This is mainly due to the fact that the PL-900 provides not only the ability to write and navigate onto a 19-inch monitor, but in addition offers a lot of striking features.
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HTC Corp Launches HTC Touch Cruise Windows Mobile Smartphone

Jan 23, 2009
Shortly after O2 announced the launch of its O2 Xda Guide, the HTC Corporation presented its HTC Touch Cruise, which, in fact, represents an update to the HTC GPS device launched in 2008.

The new gadget has a rather compact design and a variety of features, including Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, WiFi b/g and aGPS. Besides, the HTC Touch Cruise includes a quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE along with a dualband UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA and is powered by Qualcomm MSM 7225 CPU at 528 MHz.

The device from HTC Corp. has a 2.8" QVGA touchscreen and a pretty good 3.2 megapixel fixfocus camera. The device's memory can be expanded by microSD, the standard one being 512 MB with an incorporated 256 MB RAM.
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Nokia Stops Selling Its N810 Tablet WiMax Edition

Jan 22, 2009
Nokia N810 Tablet WiMax Edition While the wireless broadband Internet service, Clearwire Corp. presented its brand new and long-anticipated WiMax wireless information network in two cities, the Finnish multinational communications corporation, Nokia, has discontinued selling its only portable device that has the ability of using the network without accessories.

Yesterday, January 21st, 2009, the spokeswoman for the Finish company, Laurie Armstrong, on its official website confirmed that Nokia stopped its sale of the N810 Tablet WiMax Edition.
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Elpida Presents x32-Bit 1Gb XDR DRAM

Jan 21, 2009
Tokyo-based Elpida Memory Inc, which develops Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) silicon chips, presented its 1Gb XDR DRAM that is based on a x32-bit configuration. The Japanese company claims that the XDR is the fastest in the industry with an ultra-high speed of 7.2GHz.

The chip is able to transfer information at a rate of 28.8GBps with a single device. This makes the 1Gb XDR DRAM suitable for game consoles, DTVs and Blu-ray Disc recorders.
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Toshiba Satellite A350 for Movie-Lovers

Jan 21, 2009
Toshiba Satellite A350 The Tokyo-based multinational corporation, Toshiba, recently announced its brand new 16-inch notebook, which the company claims will be highly appreciated by movie-lovers. The Japanese manufacturer dubbed its new gadget Toshiba Satellite A350, which features a 720p HD monitor with a 1366 x 768 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Toshiba's new notebook incorporates speakers developed by Harmon Kardon. Despite the fact that Satellite A350 can boast a dual-layer DVD burner, some users will probably feel sad due to the absence of a Blu-ray drive in the notebook.
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Huawei Presents First Concept Cell Phones

Jan 20, 2009
Concept Cell Phones The popular Chinese high-tech company, specializing in development and marketing of communication equipment, Huawei Technologies, recently presented its three new cell phone concepts.

The first one features an incorporated USB connector. It doesn't require either adapter or cable. The developers created a USB adapter with a flexible rubber which the user can bend in any desired angle in order to be able to connect it directly to the PC to transmit data and/or recharge the cell phone.
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Waterproof Cell Phone with Fingerprint Technology from Fujitsu

Jan 19, 2009
Waterproof Cell Phone with Fingerprint Technology Recently AuthenTec, one of the leading providers of fingerprint authentication sensors in the world, stated that NTT DoCoMo started shipping Fujitsu F-01A, a waterproof cell phone with integrated fingerprint technology. The company claims that it is world's first cell phone where such technology is used.

Fujitsu F-01A features the TouchStone waterproof packaging and uses the TrueNav technology (developed by the company for touchpad-like navigational control) through AES1711 fingerprint sensor developed by AuthenTec.
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Stunning Wireless Plasma TV from Panasonic

Jan 16, 2009
Panasonic TC-P54Z1 Wireless Plasma TV Recently Panasonic presented its new wireless plasma TV, called Panasonic TC-P54Z1.

It has a 54" NeoPDP display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The pixel format of this spectacular plasma TV is 1920 x 1080 and an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and static ratio of 40,000:1.

Other features of the Panasonic TC-P54Z1 include WirelessHD, which is an external tuner box that is wirelessly connected and THX certified display.
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World's First Cinema LCD TV 21:9 from Philips

Jan 15, 2009
Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD TV Those who switched from the usual 4:3 TV to a widescreen with an aspect ratio 16:9 were still rather frustrated by seeing the big black borders on the top and bottom of the screen while watching a movie.

In order to solve this problem, one of the world's biggest electronics companies with headquarters in the Netherlands, Philips, created the Cinema 21:9, which is in fact an LCD TV that is cinema proportioned. According to the company's representatives the Cinema 21:9 is the first cinema proportioned LCD TV in the world.
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Japanese Toy Company Presented Voice-Control Helicopter

Jan 15, 2009
Voice-Control Helicopter There are toys that even grownups enjoy playing with. One of such gadgets was recently presented by a Japanese company, who developed a helicopter that reacts to voice commands.

The company, entitled Taiyo Co. Ltd. presented its invention at a toy forum, which took place in Tokyo. The company's representatives mentioned that the sales of the toy helicopter will start in March.

"Radio-control toys haven't changed for long time. We thought it would be fun to give vocal commands instead of hand operations," stated Naoaki Koide, marketing official at Taiyo Co. Ltd..
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