Apple Brings Back the eMac

Mar 24, 2009
iMac 17 Soon, students who cannot afford buying a new iMac computer will have the possibility to acquire a simpler version.

Apple announced that it brings back its 17-inch model, which will be available for 9.
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Samsung N110 to Become a Successful Netbook

Mar 23, 2009
Samsung N110 Samsung announced its new N110 netbook, which includes the same memory and storage capacity as its predecessor, the NC10.

The new netbook from Samsung features 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor and a keyboard borrowed from the NC10 model.

The N110 netbook, however, includes a bigger battery, which allows the device to work on a single battery charge for 8 hours.
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E-Pod - the Ultimate iPod Port

Mar 20, 2009
E-Pod If you want to pack everything you need in order to get the most out of your favorite iPhone, iPod, as well as iPod Touch, than the E-Pod is the thing for you.

The gadget includes a speaker, a movie projector and an alarm clock.
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New Open Computer - Powerful Mac Clone PC

Mar 18, 2009
Psystar Open Computer Despite its court battle with Apple over the use of the latter's Mac OS X operating system, Psystar probably decided to heat up its situation by launching a new Open Computer model.

The company says that its new Open (3) is going to be "Smaller, Faster and Sexier". In addition, the device will feature Intel's E7400 Core2Duo processor that runs at 2.8GHz.
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iBUYPOWER Presents Gamer Power 906

Mar 18, 2009
Gamer Power 906 The Los Angeles-based enterprise iBUYPOWER Computer teamed up with Tiger Direct, which is a subsidiary of Systemax, a US computer hardware company with headquarters in Port Washington, New York, to create the new Gamer Power 906.

All components within the Gamer Power 906 are stored in a spacious NZXT Alpha Chassis that has a silent cooling solution along with professional cable management system.
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Xenium X530 - New Flip Phone from Philips Featured Long-lasting Battery

Mar 17, 2009
Xenium X530 Recently the Dutch electronics giant, Philips, unveiled its Xenium X530 flip phone. In fact, the phone was created by a Chinese company that acquired the mobile division of the Netherlands-based company.

Because the mobile phone is part of the Xenium series, the X530 features a long-lasting battery that offers eight hours of talk time or 850 hours of stand-by time.
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Dell to its New Present Studio One 19 PC in Japan

Mar 13, 2009
Studio One 19 Recently Dell unveiled its new Studio One 19 all-in-one PC, which is a 19" model with multi-touch feature. The company will start selling its Studio One 19 in Japan, hoping to provide competition to Apple's iMac.

The device will hit stores on March 19 and the first to feature Studio One 19 will be Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera outlets.

The initial price is 9. It is worth mentioning that the multi-touch feature is optional.
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Speakal iPig - an Eco-friendly Stereo System

Mar 12, 2009
Speakal iPig This station for your iPod, entitled Speakal iPig, is also a high-quality 2.1 stereo system, so you get two in one actually. Besides if you like the little piggy then you're really lucky to have three in one.

To make it work simply slide an iPod into the top of the Speakal iPig and enjoy your favorite music. You may also consider adjusting bass and tremble on this stereo system.

The total output of the iPig is 25+ Watts. There's a 4-inch sub-woofer along with a bass reflex system.
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New Talking iPod Shuffle from Apple

Mar 11, 2009
Talking iPod Shuffle from Apple Recently Apple announced the launch of a talking iPod shuffle. The device features VoiceOver technology that allows the iPod to speak aloud different song titles, playlists and who's performing.

Talking 4GB iPod shuffle is half the size of its forerunner. You can upload up to 1,000 songs on it and the new iPod will be able to play for 10 hours on a single battery charge. The gadget has no buttons. There's just one on the earphone cord. With its help the user can play and pause songs, adjust the volume, surf through playlists and listen to track data.
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Luxury Steam Shower Featuring Waterproof TV, Radio, MP3 and More

Mar 03, 2009
Luxury Steam Shower Aquapeutics, one of the leading American suppliers of high-quality luxury Steam Showers, Massage Bathtubs, Saunas and more, presented its latest luxury steam shower that looks quite futuristic.

The shower cabin from the Massachusetts-based company includes a number of rather interesting and useful features.
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Casio Presents World's First Solar Atomic Watches for Ladies

Mar 03, 2009
Solar Atomic Baby-G Watches Casio recently presented its Solar Atomic Slim Marine watch that incorporates Solar Atomic Technology and is the first from the company's Baby-G line to have this.

The watch is ideal for ladies who enjoy adventure. It is worth mentioning that the Solar Atomic Technology has already been used in a number of timepieces developed by Casio.
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Microsoft Presents World's Smallest Touchscreen

Feb 27, 2009
Nanotouch from Microsoft The software giant Microsoft recently presented its 2.4 inches square touchscreen which claims to be the smallest in the world. Though the device is small, it was developed in a way so that users with fat fingers can try it.

Researchers working on Microsoft's latest invention presented their device at the company's annual TechFest held at the company's campus located in Redmond, Washington. They showed a prototype gadget with touchscreen on the rear side, a small display screen located on the front and input buttons found on the side.
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Dell XPS 435: High-performance Desktop PC from Dell

Feb 25, 2009
Dell XPS 435 The Dell's official website offers a review of its new XPS 435, which is a high-end desktop PC with Core i7 Extreme, powerful graphics and optional Blu-Ray drive.

You can install up to 24GB of RAM and if that's not enough then check this out - there is 4.5TB of hard drive space.
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HTC Magic - the Android-powered Smartphone from Vodafone

Feb 20, 2009
HTC Magic HTC Magic is probably one of the coolest gadgets released this year. It is the first touchscreen-only Android phone. The phone will be launched in a number of European countries, including UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. The HTC features a touchscreen keyboard. You can take pictures and film videos and send them by email or MMS.

You can even upload your clip directly to YouTube without accessing your home computer. Besides YouTube, the Android-powered smartphone allows you to access some other Google applications, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and Google Search.
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gScreen TITAN M-1 Laptop for Tough Conditions

Feb 20, 2009
gScreen G400 Laptop The gScreen TITAN M-1 is a brand new laptop developed for the US Navy. The portable laptop features a multi-screen, it is resistant and can be used during battle.

The goal of this laptop computer is to be able to work in really tough conditions. The gScreen TITAN M-1 meets the military's MIL-STD 810F standards, measuring 15.4-inch LED-backlit display screens.
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Skype to be Incorporated In Nokia Smartphones

Feb 19, 2009
Nokia N97 At the Mobile World Congress trade show, which took place is Barcelona, companies announced that Skype, software people can use to make phone calls over the Internet, will be iniatially introduced in Nseries smartphones developed by the popular multinational communications corporation Nokia.

It is worth mentioning that the Nseries smartphones run on the company's Symbian S60 operating system.
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IPhone Porn is Second Most Searched iPhone-related Term on Google

Feb 17, 2009
iPhone Porn According to statistical data provided by, porn is truly the number one term on almost every platform and the iPhone is no exception since the keyword "iPhone porn" is the second most searched iPhone-related term after the "iPhone" itself.

The "iPhone porn" keyword is typed into the Google search box 2,973 times a day, while "iPhone" is requested on the Internet 5,674 a day.
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BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G Enriched With Diamonds

Feb 16, 2009
BlackBerry Bold Enriched With Diamonds The luxury customization company, Amosu, which became well-known for encrusting almost anything with precious stones, is now issued the first pink BlackBerry Bold in the world.

The device is surrounded in a pink metal case enriched with diamonds for those who want to make a shimmering present for their lady.

BlackBerry Bold from Amosu features 86 white and pink sapphire diamonds installed on the front and weighting about 3.95 carats and 242 diamonds set on the back of the gadget.
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Modern Table for Mac Lovers

Feb 16, 2009
Novanta for Mac Lovers Getting rid of useless shelves and ugly design, the new desk designed by Luke Riggall brings to you the ultimate efficiency mixed with a sleek design.

The workstation is called The Novanta and it is made of aluminum and perforate metal. What is truly unique for The Novanta is that it was developed exclusively for Mac lovers, who are free to keep their collection of MacBooks and iPods at one modern-design desk.
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Attractive Transformers from Tokyo International TOY Forum 2009

Feb 16, 2009
Disne Mickey Mouse Transformer The Tokyo International TOY Forum 2009 event, which took place in the capital of Japan between January 14th and 15th, had a lot of things to show. Hobbystock Japan presented a report on the products at the forum.

There are a lot of interesting things shown and one of them appears to be a complete prototype performed in metal. There was the Chrono Label transformer. Yet there's no information on what it can do, but Talkie Toaster on states that the toys resemble Chogokin Lightan figures. These Transformers are made of shiny metal and their price is around 0.
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