Futuristic GO Concept Cell Phone

Jul 20, 2009
Let's not talk about iPhone killers, simply because this is getting old. It would be much more interesting to talk about new concepts, new ideas and talented designers like the ones from the Taiwanese company Tryi Yeh that designed the Go concept cell phone.

The phone really looks stunning, with an incredible flexible OLED touch display. Plus the phone has a sliding body, featuring mode keys and a camera.
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Top 10 Futuristic Car Designs

Jul 14, 2009
Top 10 Futuristic Car Designs If you thought you knew all about vehicles, think again since in this article you can see some of the most impressive car designs I found and decide to share. I must say that today there is a great number of designs; a lot of young and talented designers create some incredible works of art, some of which are lucky enough to be implemented in real life. Oh, well, enough with demagogy, I present you the list of the best car designs ever.
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Grand Piano from Audi Design - the Future of Classic Design

Jul 12, 2009
Grand Piano from Audi Design This exceptional piano was constructed by Audi Design Studio. The popular piano maker Bosendorfer from Austria, currently wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha, was the one to work with the car-maker on the musical instrument.

Probably one of the most striking features of the piano design is the lid that extends without any break down to the instrument's base. If you look Audi Design Wing from above you can see the lid "sunk" into the main case. In addition, if you look from side you can see the curve of the tremble side uninterrupted by a joint line.
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Oakley Stealth Watch That Turns Into a Phone for Text and Voice Messaging

Jul 08, 2009
Oakley Stealth Watch This multifunctional device was designed by Gregory H. Schultz, who wanted to illustrate his view of the next generation communication gadget. The device mostly plays the role of a wristwatch, but it can also be used as a phone for sending and receiving text messages.

The gadget was dubbed "Oakley Stealth Watch". It can translate the text messages into vocal ones and vice-versa with the help of an incorporated voice to text and text to voice tool.
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Helix Concept: Pen Mixed with Digital Wristwatch

Jul 01, 2009
Helix Concept Although latest technology penetrated almost every niche of our daily life, we still use traditional pens for writing down notes, sketches and the like.

Meet Helix, a gadget that includes a traditional pen mixed with modern technology.
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Wristwatch Gaming Gadget that Uses Motion Capture Technology

Jun 30, 2009
Wristwatch Gaming Over the past several years, devices got smaller and handier. If you need evidence, simply observe this particular hand-held video game/wristwatch.

The device is called "Samsung WM". It has earbugs and pen, both clipping instinctively into the gadget's back panel.

Because the gadget has a flexible screen, the user can attach the device to their wrist and wear it as a slap-bracelet popular back in the 1980s.
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Oven Re-constructed Concept - Going the Right Way

Jun 26, 2009
Previously designers though about separating ovens and cooktop, but according to designer Ciprian Frunzeanu, they went in the wrong direction.

The designer presented its brand new idea that could save a lot of space and energy. His new concept is entitled Oven Re-Constructed.
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Metromorph Vehicle Becomes an Elevator and Balcony for Your Apartment

Jun 23, 2009
Metromorph Vehicle Designer Roman Mistiuk came up with an interesting concept that could help avoid the never-ending problems such as lack of parking space and not enough space at home. He developed this amazing vehicle which he dubbed "Metromorph", which can play several roles: besides being a car, it can turn into an elevator that takes you right to your apartment and it can increase your living space, turning into a balcony.

When you come home, the vehicle rides up just like an elevator and as soon as it arrives to the necessary floor it becomes a balcony. The designer provided specific features that explain how everything works.
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Throne V1.0 - Futuristic Interactive Unit for Gaming

Jun 22, 2009
Throne V1.0 This incredible device was developed to fill a niche in a continuously developing gaming market. It was dubbed "Throne V1.0" and its design is credited to Anthony Sanchez.

Throne V1.0 represents an interactive unit that has two touchscreen surfaces playing the role of mouse and keyboard. It addition, the device features an adjustable footrest, developed for the comfort of the user so the latter could experience the digital media at its fullest.
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Futuristic Modular Computer System Dubbed KOOB+

Jun 19, 2009
Modular Computer System Meet KOOB +, which represents a modular computer system featuring a slim, lightweight and portable core module with a display, along with basic performance and detachable control modules.

All of the modules may have different functions, based on the needs of the user. Another part of the system is wire that you plug into the core component and use different replaceable plugs for the other end of the wire.
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Freescale Develops Modular Smartbook Concepts

Jun 18, 2009
Freescale Modular Smartbook Smartbook is a portable workbook, the concept design of which was developed by Freescale. There were a total of six different prototypes developed, each having a number of various features.

Every modular mini-notebook is based on ARM technology and focuses on improved super-long battery life.
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Handy Portable Iron

Jun 12, 2009
This handy gadget includes a rail mechanism that allows you to easily turn the magic box into an iron. Although the idea of a portable gadget is fresh and interesting, the device will not help you iron a lot of clothes, but still it is very effective and will serve you well during a trip.

The portable gadget features two heating plates that are placed on one another, having a spring between them. The two plates will help you easier iron collars - just put it between the plates and accurately iron it.
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CODE-X Solar-Powered Yacht from Switzerland

Jun 10, 2009
This amazing creation is called the Code X Yacht and is considered to be both high-end and eco-friendly motor cruiser. The yacht can reach a speed of 9 knots using twin solar-powered electric engines.

At the same time it is possible to switch from eco-friendliness to traditional twin Ilmor marine combustion engines, each boasting 720hp. Using both engines the yacht can reach a speed of 80 knots.
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Top 7 Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones

Jun 08, 2009
Let's not waste time on foreplay and get straight to business. Open this article to find the top 7 green mobile phones, developed by various companies, including such giants as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG, that I selected for my dear readers.
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Top 5 Eco-friendly Toys

Jun 02, 2009
I guess people of all ages love toys and with an increasing demand for green technology, the eco-friendly toys are in great demand. Besides, green toys help your children learn about renewable energy and why the world needs to use it.

Children are our future, which is why it is important to teach them about the measures that should be taken in order to save the planet and probably the best way to start is to buy them eco-friendly toys that are not just green, children will surely enjoy playing with them as well.
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Top 10 Green Gadgets

Jun 01, 2009
With an increasing threat from the global warming, green technology registers a fast development nowadays. Governments worldwide advise companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adopt new, eco-friendly technologies. In this article you will get acknowledged with the top 10 most impressive inventions and concept from the green industry from the subjective point of view of Gadgets.Infoniac.com.
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Greeting for the Chinese PMP Dubbed Shinco SK622plus

May 28, 2009
Shinco SK622plus This Chinese wonder is only 8mm thick, featuring a 3.5-inch screen. It is called SK622plus and it was developed by Shinco.

The device can boast the ability to support a long list of formats, including the audio files WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC.
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Mobile Hi-Vision Cam - World's First Mobile Phone to Record 720p Video

May 25, 2009
Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Say hello to the incredible, world's first 3G camera phone that can record 720/30p video. The device is called Mobile Hi-Vision Cam WOOO and it was brought by Hitachi.

The 3GPP2 video codec is the main ingredient that allows this phone to record in 720p. However, video recorded on the Mobile Hi-Vision Cam WOOO won't have the same quality as video recorded on a traditional professional HD video camera.
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Laptop Plus USB Hub Plus Cassette Player is the New Transformer

May 25, 2009
Transformer USB HUb This is a pretty cool transformer that is more than a simple toy. The gadget transforms into a small laptop computer, a sort of netbook, if you wish, that sits on top of a USB hub with 4 ports.

When the transformer turns into robot it can store a cassette tape, which you can insert in its chest - reminds me of the old cassette player I was given on my birthday about a decade ago.
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Nokia Pulse Projector Turns Mobile Phone Into Remote Control

May 22, 2009
Nokia Pulse Projector The new project from the mobile phone giant Nokia is dubbed Nokia Pulse Projector. Its goal is to extend the mobile communication practice and deliver new paths of interaction.

This gadget features a combination of a LED-projector and a NXT-speaker with Dolby sound processing. Thus we can observe a solid multimedia tool.
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